Friday, October 30, 2009

UHO is not the way to go

MYFOXNY.COM - Every day, generous New Yorkers drop money into the jugs at tables from the United Homeless Organization, also known as UHO.

The Shame unit has investigated UHO before. Now, Arnold Diaz is back with more questions about where the donations are going, questions the charity's founder, Steven Riley, wouldn't answer.

In fact, when Arnold confronted Riley in Union Square for some answers, things got ugly and physical.

The problem of homelessness in New York City is worse now than at any point since the Great Depression. If you would like to donate to organizations that provide direct services such as shelter, food, and clothing refer to these links and phone numbers:








Anonymous said...

I always understood that it was more or less "legal panhandling". WHat drops in the jug goes into the guy or gals pocket at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment. Iv'e always understood that the jug guys are collecting for themselves. Buyer beware. If you want to really help folks, give to an organized charity.

Anonymous said...

Does this really suprise any intelligent human?

Tom Bailey said...

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Anonymous said...

from what i have heard as well, the "fee" for a table in prime spots (like near Penn Station) can be up to $40.

Anonymous said...

It's on the honor system. when you are a crack head, it all goes to the pipe.
They are supposed to give a percentage to UHO.

there is another dubious homeless advocacy organization

Picture the Homeless
supposedly self help for the homeless

Anonymous said...

at least they don't put a gun in your face

Patrick Sweeney said...

It's better marketing for them to ask people to give to an organization rather than to give to them personally. In fact, having to collect enough to cover the table fee, is sort of an re-entry into the reality of employment.

Anonymous said...

This is the same crooked organization that was exposed on 60 Minutes about 8 years ago. I still see them near 42 St and 5th Av.