Sunday, February 22, 2009

A man without a party

He's trying to woo Dems.

He's courting the GOP.

He's flirting with the Independence Party.

He'll take the Working Families Party if its all he can get.

Mike Bloomberg: Desperate political whore.

And none of them are inviting the mayor to their parties!


Anonymous said...

Commissar Death and Taxes is evil enough that he will soon start a shopping spree, buying the support of the weaklings.

After dining on them, he will toss the bones to the street.

Anonymous said...

I think "dope" is the wrong word for his picture. I think "loser" is more like it.

Anonymous said...

Stick a fork in him.

It looks like he's done
(unless he forms his own new political party).

Mayor Bloomberg is apparently suffering from acute billionaire's dimentia.

Sorry old chap.
Nobody seems to love you quite as much as you love yourself.

This is often the case with self absorbed megalomaniacs with deep pockets.

They think the world can't get along without them.

The last emperor who tried to impose his will upon civilization wound up exiled on Elba.

Mayor Bonaparte will, no doubt,
wind up confined to political obscurity.


Anonymous said...

please get him the hell out loser

Anonymous said...

maybe he can join the willets point party after his plan flops

Anonymous said...

A billionaire purchases his political office, with the blessings of Fascist Guiliani,after switching from one political party to another, based on political expedience. Bloomberg cares not one whit for the middle class taxpayers. His job is to provide support for the developers who continue to ruin our neighborhoods with projects that are aimed to enrich the few. Things are much worse now than when HRH Bloomberg took office. Regardless of what he's passing himself off as now, dump him. Get a new party going that serves the interests of the middle class taxpayers, not the wealthy and privileged.