Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cave house for sale on E-Bay

Click here for video.


Anonymous said...

I understand that their are old tunnels near the East River in Old Astoria that were once used by the rich to discretely remove their garbage.

I intend to unseal one of them and live their when the insane rents force me out of my apartment.

Anyone got a pickax or a good pneumatic drill to spare?

Anonymous said...

i saw this on the news and i love it to bad its not up state ny

Anonymous said...

am very disappointed in my representative Congressman Gary Ackerman from New York and Congressman Jerold Nadler who without public knowledge is looking to grant $475,000 of our taxpayer's money to "improve and expand" the Italian American Museum in Little Italy whose board is known to run the museum like a private corporation.
They do as they please without any Federal, State or Local Regulation's even though they collect money from corporate sponsor's (tax-write-off's that would other-wise be used for public use) or public taxpayer money. This a non-profit public money sucking coffee clutch pat-on-the-back organization who discriminate against those Italian American artist who have no connection's, or rich enough., or a part of their inner-circle.
The money would be better spent on security to protect Fort Totten.