Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bloomberg just dying to run on a party line

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg may vie for the support of the liberal Working Families Party - even as he woos the GOP in hopes of running for reelection on the Republican Party line, sources close to the mayor confirmed.

The mayor is "welcome to apply" for the labor-backed Working Families Party line, said Dan Cantor, its executive director.

Still, Cantor called it "the longest of long shots."

Bloomberg sought the WFP's line, Row E, for his 2005 reelection campaign. He didn't get it, but he managed to win enough support to block his Democratic opponent, Fernando Ferrer, from winning the party's nomination.

Much has changed since then. The WFP led the charge last year against Bloomberg's successful effort to extend term limits. That victory has enabled the mayor to seek a third term this fall.


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg with all his billions can create his own party, i suggest calling it ASSHOLE party.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Working Families has more integrity than to back Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg should run on his own line if he is, in fact, such a believer in non-partisanship. All of the established parties ought to deny him their lines. But they won't. He'll buy whichever ones he wants.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Bloomie Billionaire Boys Club.

He would DEFINITELY win on that ticket.

Anonymous said...

Yo!!!...Mista Mayor...
the party's over
and it's time to call it a day!

Nobody wants you
even the mainstream political parties.

Have you tried
the Socialist Workers yet?