Sunday, February 22, 2009

Queens contractor does charity work

From the Times Ledger:

At least several times per year, longtime Bayside contractor Mitchell Kersch can rightfully boast that his Clearview Expressway−based business offers the lowest prices.

Kersch’s grandfather opened Major Homes Corp. in Corona in 1919 after moving to the United States from Poland. The company moved to Bayside in 1974 and, at age 17, Kersch took over the business from his ailing father and completed his college education through night school.

Kersch, 52, who now lives in Roslyn, L.I., and his son, Jason, 25, operate the home−remodeling company from 48−52 Clearview Expressway in Bayside. The business offers a variety of services, including window installation, roofing and siding, as well as kitchen and bath work.

He said he loves giving back to the northeast Queens and Long Island communities from which his customers hail. So his company undertakes several projects free of charge per year for customers who need a helping hand.


Anonymous said...

Major Homes is one of the WORST contractors EVER!

They did some work on our home a few years ago and after promising he didn't hire illegals, that's EXACTLY what he did. None of these guys spoke English and none of them did good work. Only the "manager" spoke English. They had to redo almost everything. They even damaged a brand new air conditioner by standing on it from the outside and refused to accept responsibility.


Anonymous said...

This looks like something in Old Astoria that will not be landmarked, ignored and red-lined by the perservation community, and pummeled by real estate brokers to sell under the indulgent eyes of local pols satisfying campaign chits to developers.

Anonymous said...

That house is not part of Old Astoria. I've lived in Old Astoria for the last 20 years, and in Astoria itself for nearly 50. I know every house here and this one is located elsewhere.