Thursday, February 26, 2009

Queens tweeders not doing so well in the polls

Results of the latest Marist poll regarding the Public Advocate race:

If you're polling in the single digits, you may want to rethink your campaign...


Anonymous said...

...But look at the results, the three top candidates are those that have had the greatest media exposure.

This survey really only measured name recognition.

Anonymous said...

That's every election.

Anonymous said...

what moron has actually been born on this planet that would vote for poo-on-my-shoe-liu.

Anonymous said...

So Johnny Liu is running for Public Advocate...a purely decorative position, in fact, with not much political clout.

Our boy's been demoted despite his having amassed a million dollar plus war chest.

He must have been a bad boy in the Stavisky clubroom for them to have turned on him so suddenly after building him up for years.

I guess the vetting process for a bigger political spot such as borough president or comptroller would have revealed that he's a cousin of the infamous criminal/developer Tommy Huang
among other things!