Thursday, February 26, 2009

Say no to federal stimulus money for Atlantic Yards

To: New York State Governor David Paterson

I oppose the use of federal stimulus money to fund the Atlantic Yards project. The design, schedule and benefits of the project have clearly departed from what were disclosed to the public in 2006. Any allocation of stimulus to Atlantic Yards at this point would not only further reduce the project's already unacceptable standard of accountability, it would deprive the people of New York City investment in urgently needed public works. I therefore urge you to reject any request for stimulus funds to be granted to Atlantic Yards.


The Undersigned


Anonymous said...

OK, but why just Atlantic Yards, what about other mega projects?

faster340 said...

Ratner will get the best deal from this. Not the neighborhood or the people!!!

Anonymous said...

there are no other known mega project that aren't shovel ready that are openly lobbying for stimulus funds.

Anonymous said...

Well from Willets Pt to the Astoria waterfront to Queens Plaza someone has access to a shitload of money.

Who and what and how?

We must find out and cut of the flow.

Can't expect the preservation community to strike while the iron is hot. They will do nothing.

Afterall, those are the communties where the developers live.