Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They won't let the kids have fun anymore...

From the NY Post:

The owners of a Lower East Side hookah bar turned their lounge into an oasis for underage drinkers, serving liquor without a license and providing a private VIP room for hidden trysts, police sources told The Post.

The staff at Hade Bade brazenly violated state laws, posting a $35 selection on the menu called the "Hot Date," which was a hookah filled with "straight alcohol."

"Get her drunk and pay extra to go upstairs," their menu read, presumably referring to a loft bed used as the "VIP area," where patrons could pay a fee and do what they pleased in privacy.

The club, on East Second Street near First Avenue, was busted last Monday by cops, who allegedly found 20 underage teens guzzling bottles of beer in plain sight.


Anonymous said...

Wow, in my day it would have been an angry dad with a baseball bat putting one across the owner's head.

The place shouldn't be closed, it should be burned. We are lucky we did not have any raped or dead women coming out of this scene. By the way--taking a drunk or underage women "upstairs" is rape and several of these participants need to go away for same and for promoting prostitution.

Anonymous said...

I guess this was Bush's fault.

Anonymous said...

Clubhouse controlled astorians.com are defenders of illegal hookah smoking.

Does it force people to move out of their own buildings?

Sure, but like the Bellerose 'Archies', that is ok.

The 'right' (wink) people are moving in.

Anonymous said...

I guess this was Bush's fault.

Yeah, blame Bush! Even though they were busted during "Obama's watch", blame Bush!

georgetheatheist said...

BTW where was Obama "toke-ing" when he went to school at Columbia?

Anonymous said...

"I guess this was Bush's fault."


Anonymous said...

Guys, sarcasm is beyond you. Obviously the "Bush" remark was tongue-in-cheek, suggesting that our ex-pres was blamed for everything.

The mayor is in charge of the city, and the governor is in charge of the State Liquor Authority. Lift the license of this den of iniquity now and charge the owners with promoting prostitution.