Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who needs a kitchen?

Ah, the good old George Foreman grill is acceptable. Well then I'm in!


Anonymous said...

I lived without a working stove for 2 years. My landlord now thinks the rent reduction served on him by DHCR is a figment of my imagination and is trying to collect "back rent" for the difference.

Anonymous said...

Remember Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan? Succeeded by that great intellectual giant Clinton?

It was Moynihan who coined the term "defining deviancy down".

This kitchenless apartment is just another example of the downward deviancy we New Yorkers now routinely accept without protest.

Of course we can start redefining what we will accept by dumping Commissar Death and Taxes.

Anonymous said...

Moynihan grew up in poverty and made himself a US senator, a lot like another hero of mine, Al Smith.

He was often hated by the poor because he believed in personal responsibility as well as government aid.

Perhaps if we had more politicians who experienced crappy living conditions first-hand we would have less tolerance for destroying people and nieghborhoods.

georgetheatheist said...

I never could easily clean a George Forman Grill. The grooves made it difficult.

Anonymous said...

wonder why no stove? because if you go to Queens County housing court there will be seven or eight cases for the very same "apartment" where the Housing Preservation judge ordered the stove and the refrigerator to be removed and no one to live in there. much to the dismay of the homeowner who is aspiring to be a slumlord.

Two months later, a new desperate tenant appears. If they don't speak English, great. so what if the entire extended family is in there flushing the toilet upteen times a day and over extending the water bill. solution? cut off the heat and hot water for a couple of days. the slumlord saves a bundle.

One case I knew of, the slumlords were Russians with a Mercedes-Benz and a house in the country. They never gave the disabled tenant rent receipts. He could not get food stamps because of this and there was a mice infestation that the landlords did nothing about. When he asked them to exterminate the mice, they laughed at him.

Want to put money on the fact that this "homeowner" is an illegal alien? they are replicating third world conditions for NYC.

there is no certificate of occupancy for the place they are renting out. Attics and basements are not to be used as dwelling places in the city of NY. Get the address and check with the dept of finance website, Acris.

and even better, slumlords will demand cash rent & deposit, no checks accepted , and will not give you receipts for 3 reasons.

1. they are not paying taxes to IRS, NY State or NYC Dept of Finance
2. will want to go to court to lie & say you didn't pay any rent
3. they want to blame the tenant for routine problems and get the tenant to pay for the upkeep of their dump.

Anonymous said...

Want to put money on the fact that this "homeowner" is an illegal alien? they are replicating third world conditions for NYC.

Remind the politican or the newpaper reporter every time they get all giggly and stupid over immigration.

You compete against someone who will work for a few dollars a day and will raise a family in 150 sq feet.

With the economic downturn hitting 3rd world areas hard, we are getting flooded with illegals.