Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Julissa takes 21st Council District seat

According to the Daily News, Julissa Ferraras has declared victory in the 21st Council District race. Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Good luck Julissa!

Just be careful not to trip with a glass in your hand at the victory celebration.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Julissa.

Please demonstrate for the sake of your predecessor that Domestic Violence is unacceptable, especially for elected city employees.

Anonymous said...

Big surprise. Ferreras was supported by the party bosses and had all the endorsements. If she can demonstrate her independence from the party bosses, she'd deserve congratulations. For now, it's wait and see.

Anonymous said...


To this hack, who was a crony of Monserrate, who also headed an organization that can't account for $250,000 in taxpayer funded money?

Here's an old NY Times article:

Here's what Monserrate said about the missing money:

“She’s the person to have the conversation with,” he said. “I wasn’t the director. I don’t know what paperwork was there, what books were there.”

Here's what Julissa says:

“I personally don’t keep the records”


At least in Japan, when things of this nature happen, the guy in charge will do the honorable thing and "fall on his sword". But in Queens, when you head an organization that can't account for $250K, you run for political office and win.

Anonymous said...

If she can demonstrate her independence from the party bosses, she'd deserve congratulations.

(What are you, a hack putting on a spin. Get a life, she will not)

For now, it's wait and see.

(Move on you should know the drill by now)

Anonymous said...

Corona, like Elmhurst, Flushing, and So Ozone Park are not real communities as much as tweeder barracks.

She is perfect for the job (as it is).

Anonymous said...

Is that the "little voice of reality" speaking to you again, Miles?

Anonymous said...

Voice of reality?

It whispered in my ear - my portfolio up a 1/3 this decade. How about yours?

Keep you eye on the prize - everthing else is a mere summer squall.

Anonymous said...

whoops, up a third in the past year.

Amazing what can be accomplished by not ignoring spin and thinking for yourself.

Versha said...

Congratulations? I thought this blog was against overdevelopment, not for people who take money from the companies doing it.


Queens Crapper said...


Anonymous said...

I cant believe mose rat had the balls to show his face on tv

Anonymous said...

whoops, up a third in the past year.

Of course you're up a third. When you have $3 dollars in your bank account, and deposit $1, you're going to go up by 33%.

Anyone who boasts of their strategy needs to back it up with hard data. If not, then you're simply another Madoff.

Anonymous said...

You can do better than that.

Any jerk could see that things were unsustainable. I sold my stocks years ago and went into debt instruments and commodities.

Actually its pretty easy to make money out there - only losers would resort to stock fraud - if you have the wits your are born with.

Investing in the market is a bit like listening to the politicans.

Take everything with a grain of salt and do your own thinking.

If you see through the spin the answer is generally in plain sight.

You know all about spin vs the real world, don't you? Its the difference between BS and substance.