Friday, February 27, 2009

Fresh Meadows fighting bus elimination

From the Times Ledger:

Fresh Meadows resident Iris Yiu sent more than 900 signatures from residents irate over the proposed elimination of the Q26 bus to area legislators last week with the hopes that the increased pressure could compel the MTA to drop plans to ax the route that residents said serves many seniors and students.

“There are residents with jobs in Manhattan, elderly residents who need to get to the senior center in Flushing, teenage residents needing to get to school and young adults going to college in Manhattan who will be affected by the elimination of the Q26,” Yiu said.

Yiu, who lives a few hundred feet from St. Francis Preparatory School, created an online petition a couple of weeks ago to protest against the elimination and advocate for the rerouting of the Q27 line to better service area residents.

“Home values are going to decrease because of the lack of public transportation,” said Yiu, an accountant who works in Manhattan and typically takes the Q26 five days a week. “I’m so tired of getting very bad bus service.”

Aren't we all?

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