Friday, February 20, 2009

MTA denies money to Ratner


Brooklyn's flagging Atlantic Yards project took another hit yesterday when Metropolitan Transportation Authority honchos confirmed the agency won't dish out any of its allocated federal stimulus funds to aid developer Bruce Ratner.

"It's not on any of our lists [of projects]," one MTA official said.

But while Ratner won't be getting any MTA aid to bail out his reeling $4 billion plan to bring an NBA arena and 16 residential and office towers to Prospect Heights, he still has a shot at getting some of the federal pork directly through Gov. Paterson.

The state's $24.6 billion pool of the stimulus bill contains $3.9 billion for infrastructure and energy assistance and Ratner is lobbying hard for some of it.

A Paterson spokeswoman said the governor is still examining whether the project warrants stimulus funds, adding there's a lot of competition.

Ratner declined to comment for this article.

And Marty has been lobbying hard for his pal.

Could it be possible that Paterson will bail out Ratner but not our Queens hospitals?

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Anonymous said...

Not 1 cent should go to the Atlantic yards. The climate has changed 360 for AY to acheive profitability, ever. Let Ratner sink his own or other investor cash in this dog deal.

Anonymous said...

Funny he should ask for money from the MTA when he still has yet to pay the $100 Million he owes to the MTA for purchasing the land.

Hey Marty does your office smell like Vaseline and shame you f**king prick.

Anonymous said...

Marty Markowitz you are truly a cheerleader for Brooklyn. But you are also truly a big player for "PIMP" politics at its best.

Anonymous said...

So Ratner is turned down, ashe should be. I wonder in another infamous Queen's project, the Racino at Aqueduct Park is lobbying Governor David Paterson to use taxpayer stimulus money to fund Delaware North's committment of private funds, $370 million, to the state?

Anonymous said...

marty just loves reaming his butt ass friend bruce. he's just the right size too, the little prick

Anonymous said...

The Ratner hole in the ground has become a haven for the homeless and destitute now.

The Sign O' The Times...

Anonymous said...

My, my, my....
if Ratner doesn't look like Porky Pig's twin brother!

You can't obtain justice from our crooked system but the forces of an economic crisis surely seem to be bearing some fruit here!

Bye, bye Bruce!

Anonymous said...

This cheerleader is far too busy servicing real estate moguls' in their private "locker rooms"...pom-poms included!

Show us your tits Marty!