Monday, February 23, 2009

The Doorman vs. the Dolans

From the Daily News:

A city council member says it's time for Madison Square Garden's massive tax break to go the way of the New York Americans hockey team.

The historic arena's longstanding, multimillion-dollar property tax exemption is "questionable at any time - and unjustifiable in these difficult economic times," Councilman Eric Gioia (D-Queens) told the Daily News Saturday.

Sunday, the estimated $14 million a year the Garden would pay in taxes could be used to hire cops and teachers and provide public services, Gioia said.

I suppose the same could be said for the tax exemptions being given to developers along the part of the waterfront he represents. I'm sure he'll also be vehemently against the big huge breaks and discounted land to be offered to TDC at Willets Point, too. Or is his outrage only directed toward owners of Manhattan properties with high name recognition in an election year?


Anonymous said...

I see that you can't understand the difference between a tax incentive that spurs urban renewal and economic activity and a tax break that is an outdated political giveaway.

Queens Crapper said...

Um, yeah...urban renewal. That term goes hand in hand with affordable housing as the biggest joke in NYC development history.

Now look what we got.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'll take back all the tax breaks anytime - we can chip away at them including Goia - whom is no sacred cow in Queens eyes. 14 M is big bucks and you can't move MSG elsewhere and be widly successfull without a winning team or even support expensive events and break even. Let go after the 14M!

Anonymous said...

Are there Queens waterfront developer tax breaks (other than for the state-run Queens West nonsense)?

Anonymous said...

the garden is a business not a non for profit group they should pay there fare share of taxes the dolans are not a poor family that needs a subsidy

Anonymous said...

that is one ugly building
they should pay taxes as a penalty for poor architecture at the very least

Anonymous said...

In Long Island this scumbag Dolan was bribing all the townships with free computers and internet to keep Verizon FIOS out of neighborhoods.

Verizon went to court and he lost. This crook and his expensive antiquated cable is sinking fast.

To add all his kids run News 12, Newsday and other papers he scooped up to cover the dirt.

His compounds in Cove Neck and East Hampton must house 200 illegals taking care of the property and all his horses.

Anonymous said...

And remember, condo owners don't have to pay certain taxes for a decade of living there.