Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, LIRR!

Long Island Rail Road Marks 175th Anniversary

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Long Island Rail Road is marking its 175th birthday by giving riders Broadway tickets and other prizes.

The railroad has announced monthly customer appreciation days with free prize drawings, starting Tuesday at Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan. Railroad officials say free tickets to several Broadway shows are this month's prize.

The LIRR was chartered on April 24, 1834. It has become North America's busiest commuter railroad, carrying more than 87 million riders last year.

The LIRR says it is also the oldest railroad still operating under its original name.


Anonymous said...

I have an idea for their celebration. They can remit the $12.00 I was out for a beach package when one of their malfunctioning machines only printed half the necessary paperwork. They kindly suggested that I just buy another one. $24.00 to go to Jones beach for a day.

When I sent the documentation and the unusable forms back I got a form letter demanding that the additional unprinted tickets be mailed back. What a deal! What brilliant service!

Even a better idea, for their 100 year celebration they can ask some of the oafs with bags on 4 empty seats to remove them and not give a crippled middle-aged woman a hard time when she sits in one of the remaining seats when they get up to use the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

What's there to celebrate? For the LIRR, Queens is just a piece of land between Nassau and Manhattan.

Subway crowding can be reduced if stations in Woodhaven, Elmhurst, and Corona are reopened, but it would slow the commute of Long Islanders by a minute or two, so the LIRR won't do it.

Anonymous said...

Taking it tonight to Port Washington to see the Comet.
Knolls Cematary behind the track layups and Golf Club

I wonder if telescopes and big binoculars are illegel on the LIRR.
---I dont like getting tazerd. Especially in the back by the kidneys -- makes you pee in your underwear sometimes.

South East sky 11 PM
To South West 5AM
--Green blip with 2 tails

Anonymous said...

their malfunctioning machines
Most those old Windows NT 4based machines are on a network and being tampered by homeless.
They know how to jam them (usually with mono-filament and crazie glue) to not take dollars so you put a credit card in.
Your card get jammed as your train comes (you board) then the crooks go back and retrieve the card.

By the time you get home they alread baught $1000 worth of gas and phone cards to Mexico at the local Paki gas stations who dont notice Pedro Gomez is using a card that says Kristen Swensen.

Whatever you do dont feed a ticket machine a credit card !!!.

Here is a trick:
Buy a cheap $2.25 1 zone ticket and keep it in your wallet or cellphone jacket.
If you dont use it mail it in a week before it expires for a replacement

When the machines mess up just board the train. Your ticket has credit so your just charged the difference in fair to the ticket taker.
There is no surcharge or penalty this way.

If your in a real jam mess up your hair, pull your shirt our and make beleive your drunk and asleep.
If you have some chapstick smear it on your cheeks and forehead.
If they wake you put on your best act !
Its worked for me every time even on the Hampton Jitney !

Once I was stuck bad in Montauk and had to get to Amagansette. No train or cabs were available

Hamton Jitney only does $68rides between Manhatten, Fresh Meadows and the Hamptons.
(HJ has a hidden dirty non posted secret --they wont book local stops. Only full fares.

I just boarded nice and neat, hit the back of the bus and got ready, my fake Russian accent and all.

The stewardess comes for my ticket I took out a $10acted drunk "Me have to pee". She said "ill give you a couple minutes and check back"

The driver (with his pistola tucked in) comes up says "THIS SEATS BOOKED" and threw me and my guitar out on his next stop in front of the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett !
I went into my dressing combed my hair, fixed my clothes and went to dinner at the Estia and told the story.
Alec Baldwin happened to be in the booth behind us.(Who I new from NBC)
He overheard and almost choked, baught us all rounds and round of drinks !!

It beats getting F_ for $25I refuse to be ripped off.
I had $400 on me, I just wasnt giving it to crooked bastards !


Anonymous said...

As crazy as your stories always sound - it sounds like you're telling the truth. You're a character.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just have to run with things.
Getting aggrivated doesnt do much good.....

Reprisal does !

It’s also in the bible, the nuns in St.Leanards in Bushwick used to preach
“Do on to others as they do to you”

So its safe conclude sometimes it’s the lords will that places to you in the position to do it to them first!

After the deed you enjoy your bread and wine and can have a good laugh.

---well somethin like that anyway.


Anonymous said...

I usually know what you're talking about. But this last went right over my head.

Deed. What deed?

Anonymous said...

Do on to others as they do to you
--but you do it to them first !

The Bible 7:12 according to Joe

Anonymous said...

I imagine the LIRR could've saved a few dollars by NOT having a large LCD television in Penn Station (near 7th Avenue/34 Street exit) blaring incomprehensible video about the LIRR. Although transit history is interesting, this is not the place to stop and watch unless you want to get mowed down by Long Island people.