Saturday, February 21, 2009

State buys f*cked up ferry


A ferry boat for New York Harbor, purchased by taxpayers for $500,000, has turned out to be a useless rusting hulk officials are now desperately trying to sell on eBay.

Top bid so far: $14,800.

New York taxpayers bought the boat, called the Islander, in August 2007. After decades of trips between Woods Hole and Martha's Vineyard, a Massachusetts authority had put it up for auction.

But...the 200-foot passenger and car carrier has never been used since: Once it got to New York Harbor, inspectors realized it was not seaworthy. In fact, it had been run beyond its lifespan.

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Anonymous said...

Growing up summers in Falmouth (Cap Cod) I know of his ferry (as well as the the other the homeless yuppies are living on).
It gets around 10-15 gallons Deisel to the mile and needs a crew of at least 12

What was the city thinking