Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get on the bus to Albany!

Please note the new time.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! wake up! they will close in 2 weeks, curtains, regardless.

Wasn't this Albany's plan when they allowed the futile Wyckoff 'system' to take over? Funded them?
Sure 50 million is a lot of money, but how about priorities? and: didn't they pay let's say 10 million for oversight from CRO's and a CEO; the latter for closing only?

Why does it seem a personal vendetta? who's ego was busted?
Or was it only due the fact that there is hardly any real opposition; where are all the pledgers from the rally now? politicians, teamsters, 1199, doctors, the 'community'? really great media coverage, though...

First they ousted wyckoff's CEO, than created a new restructuring position (CRO), but fired the first CRO when he -unexpected?-managed to restructure by improving the financial results as well as the performances (JHACO)of both St Johns and Mary Immaculate, brought back the doctors who left, created new business and a higher quality of services provided and indeed a better attitude.

Albany switched (?) focus by appointing a CRO , but obviously in a new role as chief raid'm official, ivory tower secluded.
This 'gentel'man managed to define a closing plan in world record time; approved before reviewed.
Now implemented: brand new closing plan; closing queens health care, firing 2500 staff ( approx. 10.000 people ) 600 million dollar negative impact on the community business. But wait: there is good news also: the alreay asked the neighboring (overcrowded) hospitals how much the needed. And some more mental patient in the vicinity, who cares?

Bye bye politicians and poor Elmhurst and Jamaica populations. get a life! thanks for getting this of my chest.

Anonymous said...

Does this hospital closing affect me in anyway? I am not an illegal immigrant. I do not go to hospital emergency rooms and give fake names in order to get medical care that in the end I will never pay for. I do not have my anchor babies/jackpot babies and rack up a hospital bill that I will never pay and can never be collected on . I am not working off the books on Roosevelt Avenue while my wife is having multiple children in order to collect US government benefits. I have not dragged an elderly relative here who I lie that it is my mother/father so they can collect US social security money every month.

Catholic Charities and the Lutheran Refugee Resettlement Project are to blame for these hospitals closing. And the illegal aliens they keep on advocating for. And let's not forget the Emerald Isle Immigration Center and all their hard work to keep American citizens down.

Can you tell me how many American citizens who were born in the county work at these two hospitals

Anonymous said...

With the closing of St. John's, Elmhurst Hospital will be bursting at the seams with illegal immigrants, bringing their children to the emergency room for a runny nose. Can't anyone open their eyes and see that the illegal immigrants are one of the biggest causes of these hospitals closing? Wake up!

Anonymous said...

I think these people are screwing themselves by "kicking the can" down the street.
They need to do a bankruptsy to dump all the debt the tweed leaches & fat cats caused them.

A bankruptsy makes this happen. I dont know perhaps Im wrong but it sounds spending $$ on tweeds is like giving drug addicts more drugs

Didnt a single mom tweed tweed recently drop 8 babys at hospital cost of 1.3 million dollars ?
She has 8 more at home and already steals over $6000 a month in services


Anonymous said...

Is it just the illegals that are going to be effected in the closing of the hospital or are there also legitimate people that use the services as well. Talk about seriously kicking the can down the block.

Anonymous said...

Tip of the iceberg, the illegals are going to take out the whole country.
No amount of $$ will be enough.
The USA is going down faster the Roman Empire due to anchor baby cost alone.
There is no way for the system to support all these useless people that are so far behind and wild by K1 they cant be educated.

Wait till those anchor babies start rolling out the "snowball" babies at 14.
These Hispanic "Christians" refuse birth control, drop one "jackpot" a year, all different partners till there uterus's fall out or they die.

That’s why the Pope and all these churches want a piece of them.

America is going to be what Puebla Mexico is now in 20 years.

How do these "Christians" with Teardrops, Crosses, Jesus & MS13 Tattoos, uninsured cars full of empty bud cans bring the Pope and church money ?
Are they waiting for Moses part the sky (in a gold Delorian) and appear with a money bag for these deeds ?

Do widows donations & funereal custodial fees pay that much ?

I have yet to have one member of the clergy F_ "splain" this they are all crazy or fulla s_** !!!

Now they want a bailout with my tax $$


Anonymous said...

I know several American citizens born in this country who have committed years of their lives to providing patients at MIC quality health care with compassion, dignity, and respect. You should be lucky enough to receive the same treatment should you ever seek it.

“Prejudices are what fools use for reason.”

Anonymous said...