Friday, April 3, 2015

Queens women charged with planning terrorist plot

From DNA Info:

Two Queens women were charged in connection to an al-Qaida-inspired terrorism plot to kill people with homemade explosives — and considered bombing a police funeral after the deaths of two Brooklyn NYPD officers, federal officials said.

The women, Noelle Velentzas, 28, and Asia Siddiqui, 31, who went by the aliases Najma Samaa and Murdiyyah respectively, were arrested Thursday morning as part of an undercover investigation dating back to May 2013, prosecutors said.

The pair are both United States citizens who lived in Queens, and until recently were roommates, according to court papers. Siddiqui had multiple propane gas tanks and instructions on how to use them as explosive devices, prosecutors said.

The duo discussed various targets including the Herald Square subway station and a police funeral after watching the massive gather of law enforcement personnel at the memorial service for NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos, who was murdered with his partner Wenjian Liu, prosecutors said.


Anonymous said...

Off with their heads!!

Anonymous said...

Well That's what you get when you allow these people into the country! Queens...vibrant....diverse....full of garbage!!

Anonymous said...

The Muslim husband had no idea. Right....

Anonymous said...

It's sick, but finally Queens gets some notice. We have been an invisible borough. With it becoming a "destination of choice" for third worlders...some intent on blowing up it no surprise?

Anonymous said...

They come to our country not to respect the laws of the land, respect our culture, respect our flag. That just want to shit on America while taking advantage of all of the freebies they are entitled tax payers' expense.

Anonymous said...

How many mosques in Flushing which might be playing host (unwittingly) to Muslim extremists? Of course it is politically "incorrect" to discuss this in the cradle of "religious freedom". All religious beliefs are to be respected, but let us have some respect for national and local security.

Anonymous said...

The US is too good for these people. Let them go home to their Hell holes and miserable lives.

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

As a 67 year old (lifelong) resident of Queens, I am getting to the point where, when walking down the street, I don't know if the person smiling at me is just being friendly, or they plan on killing me. I am a Christian, and therefore, a minority in Queens.

Very frightening!

Queens Crapper said...

Unfortunately, these are American citizens. One Puerto Rican, the other not sure if native born or naturalized.

Anonymous said...

Noticed that one is named "Asia".

Anonymous said...

One report mentioned one lived in a "basement apt" with propane tanks lined up on the stairs.

NYC Metalhead said...

There are plenty here in this city to take their place. Its just a matter of time.

I would strongly suggest to my fellow patriots, arm yourself regardless what the city permit systems says and stay vigilant.

When the shtf, these white leftist liberals will be lambs for slaughter.

Anonymous said...

"Mosques playing host (unwittingly) to Muslim extremists?"

Must be hundreds here planning something big all at once to overwhelm the police and kill many. Jamaica, Elmhurst, Woodside are good spots where this garbage can mingle in and "blend"
Mosques can spread terrorism like cancer. These people call each other "brothers" in the "house of war" meaning perpetual war till they make everybody slaves, dead or or converted to Islam (house of peace)
Newspapers, politician's refuse to say this due to PC bullshit and fear of "offending" muzlims.
Islamic's see the world into two spheres:
1-The House of Islam (dar al-Islam) meaning "land of peace'
2-The House of War (dar al-harb)--A pepetual state of war to be capture kill or convert other 1/2 of the earths population to islam by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE.
Then Allah will come back, end of days to bring them all to heaven.
These 'religion of peace" fanatics could be your friends, neighbors, cab drivers allowed to sneak in this country unchecked or with expired Visas. No action both by the dumb ass local & federal government looking to destroy America.

The quicker people realize this the better, we need leaders with BALLS and the stomach to deal with the problem.
That is: Bring in the Army, marines, national guard to round up all these illegals and throw them in tent camps out in the desert till they deport themselves.
There is no other way !!

Anonymous said...

The destruction of the WTC was a clarion call for Muslims to inundate America . Notice how millions have entered our country since 9/11. Why else would they if they knew they were not wanted here after attacking our country, the fact that we have a Muslim president has prodded even more to keep coming here. Time to stop immigration into the US, now!

Anonymous said...

Nyc Metalhead is correct. Not if,but when.

Anonymous said...

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...." your terrorists? C'mon....time for some common sense.

Unfettered knee jerk ultra liberalism has caused us great harm.

Time for some screw tightening.
Unfortunately, how do you fight a "war" on an enemy that cannot be identified by its uniform?

We will see more covert surveillance in the future, with or without our permission.

Has democracy had its day in the sun?
Times are getting scarier.

Anonymous said...

""how do you fight a "war" on an enemy that cannot be identified by its uniform""

You don't have to !
Just relabel Islamic practice itself as illegal militia so these people cant hide under "freedom of religion" rights.
These Islamic take pride and are intent on fucking us with our own rights, laws, airplanes, gasoline etc.
Taking that away would be a serious blow. The problem is the president himself is one of their "brothers" WITH THEM who will never let it happen, nor secure the borders