Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Why is de Blasio sending the homeless to NYCHA less often?

From the Daily News:

Homeless New Yorkers are getting a smaller share of Housing Authority apartments under Mayor de Blasio than under previous administrations, a report to be released Tuesday found.

De Blasio, who is grappling with record-high numbers of homeless people needing shelter, has pledged 750 NYCHA apartments a year for homeless New Yorkers, about 12% of the total NYCHA placements available.

That’s a sharp decrease from the number of units provided in prior administrations, when fewer New Yorkers were homeless, according to the Homes for Every New Yorker coalition report.

Former Mayor David Dinkins prioritized an average of 1,215 NYCHA units annually for homeless families, at a time when fewer than 25,000 New Yorkers were living in shelters nightly — as compared with 60,000 people today.

Under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the shelter census was at about 30,000 a night, and the city set aside an average of 854 NYCHA units a year for the homeless, according to the report.

In his first term, ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued with the practice of placing thousands of homeless in NYCHA apartments, averaging about 1,662 public housing placements a year through 2005. But he completely stopped giving homeless families priority, saying in 2004 that doing so creating an incentive for families to go to shelters.

Overall, there are about 270,000 New Yorkers on the NYCHA waitlist.

The report, to be released Tuesday, urges de Blasio to increase the number of homeless placements in NYCHA apartments to 2,550 a year.


Anonymous said...

300,000 on waiting list ?
60,000 homeless every night ?
Not sure how many are already on the teet with a bonas check for spending money ?
16,000 on Rickers Island a day who get free medicals and HS Dipomals
Add the numbers up,numbers doesn't lie,see where this is going and how profitable it is if you know the right people ??

Anonymous said...

I left out the most important part,
The professional "Victim Class,"
Must be tought and paid for their services 😀

Anonymous said...

Are they asking NYCHA to waive exclusions based on criminal histories too? Get a traffic ticket, bike on the sidewalk, drink in public etc...and you NYCHA ignores you for at least two years.

Anonymous said...

That's because he expects people who own homes to bring homeless families into their own houses! In his mind, he solved the homeless problem by asking people to do this! Why has nyc become the dumping ground for the country's homeless anyway? Half of the people who are homeless here aren't even from nyc anyway.

Anonymous said...

De Blasio talks out of two sides of his mouth at the same time , in case you have'nt already noticed. The man is a befuddled train wreck....the worst mayor yet.

Anonymous said...

Between increasing the dependency class (i.e. the beneficiaries of various forms of assistance and subsidies) and increasing the eligibility of voters (non-citizens, felons) and outright voter fraud - DeBlasio won't be happy until there's a electoral lock obtained by people waiting for a government check or subsidy.

Middle Villager said...

Watch what comes next, privatization of the Housing Authority. Lots of no bid contracts to hand out to their friends.

JQ said...

If the constituency and supporters of Mayor Big Slow/Pussy can't see the two-faced sellout for what he is, then there is really no hope for this town anymore or democracy in general. Because when these new bad days get worse we are going to have the extreme polar opposite of a mayor that will make this city a police state plutocracy a reality.

This homeless pandemic and the continuing cancerous economic inequity is getting worse.

Anonymous said...

NYCHA is terribly mismanaged and cannot even handle what is on its plate now. The Authority should be investigated.

Anonymous said...

I agree a lot of the homeless people come from out of state. My cousin just came from California and she went right to a shelter and is going to college online. She got money to do that. Homeless people should be at the top of the list to get into NYCHA. Our Mayor is an ass and he thinks opening shelter/hotels will solve the problem.