Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Illegal hotelier ignored court order to stop

New Yorker Renting Out 2-bedroom Apartment with... by Gothamist
From the Daily News:

Your home is not a hotel — unless you’re former club promoter David Jaffee, in which case court papers say five of your homes are hotels.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the Mayor's Office of Special Enforcement says Jaffee is a repeat offender in the illegal business of running cheap hotels out of Manhattan apartments.

The unit has filed court papers asking permission to search a two-bedroom apartment at 116 John St. which, it says, has been renting “bunk beds” to tourists through for $42 per night.

Jaffee rented the 14th floor apartment in October 2014 for $4,350 per month. The two-year lease, which is attached to the city’s court papers, clearly states that subletting is forbidden.

However, the managers of the building, Metro Loft Management and 116 John St. Subtenant LLC, say Jaffee almost immediately started renting beds in the unit for short-term stays, billing the apartment online as a “Financial District Hotel John Street.”

David Lepard, a lawyer with the OSE, says in an affidavit that Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Paul Wooten signed an order on April 2 barring Jaffee from continuing to sublet the apartment, but building managers told city officials that Jaffee has ignored Wooten's order.


Anonymous said...

1 down; 350,000 to go.

JQ said...

I remember that video from a year ago and its still shocking. Especially his total ignorance of the term walking distance. Union Square is a good 2 miles from east 27th st.

Although a lot of people here are pissed that the city moved inspectors to Brooklyn, this may be the reason why. It may be where the majority of the 350,000 makeshift hostels are. As anyone who rides the G, L, C, F and part of the A train can attest.

This shit weasel is the ideal person that Mayor Big Slow was courting with his cold calling stunt. It is quite obvious how this nomadic slumlord cum frat house organizer is getting away with it despite court orders, the half-assed pleas of building owners and managers and a shocking ban from those immoral unjust billionaires from airbnb.

So when is this douche going to get the key to the city and when is the ceremony? Cause I'll need rags, 2 x 4's and kerosene,and a pitchfork.

Anonymous said...

Check out what looks like an illegal hotel being constructed where a residence existed.
This is located down behind I Hop off Northern Blvd. in east Flushing. Where is the DOB? Where is Paul Vallone? Where is CB7? Where is the FDNY?

Anonymous said...

It looks crowded with out any tenants. I can see a lot of HPD/DOB violations from the video.

total fire trap