Friday, April 24, 2015

More charges for Silver

From the Huffington Post:

U.S. prosecutors unveiled new charges against former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on Thursday, accusing him of taking official actions on behalf of an investor who provided access to a high-return, low-risk investment vehicle.

A revised indictment issued by a Manhattan federal grand jury added four new counts to three earlier ones facing the Democratic politician, who was first hit with public corruption charges in January.

Beyond charges of honest services mail and wire fraud and extortion, the indictment says Silver engaged in monetary transactions involving crime proceeds by investing money from the scheme in a private investment vehicle.

Silver previously pleaded not guilty. His lawyers, Joel Cohen and Steven Molo, said in a joint statement that the filing was "an attempt by the government to address defects in the indictment that we raised in our motion to dismiss."

Silver, 71, was previously accused of using his position at a law firm to conceal more than $3 million earned referring asbestos sufferers to the firm from a doctor whose research received secret benefits, including $500,000 in state grants.

Prosecutors say Silver, who remains an assemblyman for Manhattan's Lower East Side after resigning as speaker, also received $700,000 by steering real estate developers with business before the legislature to another law firm.


Anonymous said...

Dem are sure purdy lips ya gots, Shelly. Your cellmate is anxiously waitin' fer ya.

Anonymous said...

Silver's lehendaty cheapness was what got him nailed.If he"d spread the largesse about a bit like the fun.sized mayor, we wouldn't be having this
conversation for quite a while yet.Once Preety Boy is gone...

Anonymous said...

Look into his former protege Mike Gianaris, who slick silver used to force good guy Denis Butler out of office.

Anonymous said...

See. What did I tell ya?

Anonymous said...

Look into the Stavisky's, Preet!
This is a dynasty of shady politicians.
A lot of the pranks they have pulled seem to go unnoticed.
Just follow the money trail.
Begin with the North Flushing Senior Center.
That is Toby's stronghold which takes in more money than they spend.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm.....Siver thought he was invincible. Here comes the silver bullet and there goes the Albany werewolf.