Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nasty drug house blights Ozone Park street

From the Queens Courier:

An Ozone Park home in foreclosure, which squatters use to sell drugs, has been the target of police investigations and raids for years — yet it’s still terrorizing the neighborhood, while the process to reclaim the home is ongoing.

Residents have witnessed squatters exchange money for drugs from the house at 105-17 101st Rd. for about four years. As little as three weeks ago, on April 2, cops busted open the home around 6 a.m. with a search warrant and arrested five individuals from ages 25 to 42 after finding drugs, including marijuana.

Christan Henderson, Hasun and Judith Andino, Ebony Goggans and Troy James were all charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, according to authorities. But as in the past, even after arrests, illegal activities haven’t ceased at the home, according to neighbors.

Neighbors say “shady” people rotate as residents in the home, so there is not a set family living in the house. Also, individuals come to buy drugs during the day and even late at night.

The property is noticeably falling apart from the outside and it has been cited with complaints and violations from the Department of Buildings, including illegally converting part of the kitchen into a bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Lol!! Sleep in the oven in the kitchen! Lol....Welcome to queens....our vibrant and diverse borough! Filled with third worlders and drug dealers!! I thought we were suppose to be the next big tourist attraction! I can just imagine a tour guide coming into queens...."over here, we have a house that was once run by drug dealers and one of the men made a bed out of the oven in the kitchen" then all the idiotic tourist "ooo and ahhh" and start snapping pictures!

Anonymous said...

And over here is where the Civic Virtue statue once stood for 75 years until idiots in that building over there declared it sexist and banished it to a cemetery in Brooklyn.

JQ said...

If Mario's son would have legalize weed like Colorado and Washington did, there would be small businesses selling it on Liberty and 101 aves. Surely his startNY campaign would not look like the waste of time and tax dollars if you got some stores selling and delivering pot instead of these indiscreet and slovenly jerks.

Civic Virtue Wasn't in that area, I think St. Stans church is there. I think someone is trying to bait Richard.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting approach to this particular kind of crap: the city (or state) can buy the house. Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

I have a problem here and its the lack of accountability in our elected officials who seem to have a pattern of standing on the sidelines as good communities are picked apart piece by piece. The see this like the rest of us but they seem to either intentionally stay mute, or mumble some garbage as the back away when this is thrown at them.

They seem to be powerless when it comes to the real estate interests, but seem to have unlimited amount of time and resources to cater to the R E industry's every whims.

And of course, weakened communities are easy prey for those shadowy campaign donors on the sidelines. In tribute to the bees, less call this Community Collapse Disorder (CCD).

We should examine this in its various dimensions to note a common thread from a dozen directions that at first seem unrelated.

Joe Moretti said...

The one person made the comment concerning Pittsburgh. That is my hometown and while Pittsburgh gets some negative shit especially from New York folks, Pittsburgh is one of the nicest cities in the country. Yes it had some rough times, but since I left 20 years ago it has really cleaned up its act and is one of the best livable cities in the country. So for the past 20 years Pittsburgh has improved itself by leaps and bounds, during this that time NYC has gotten worse each and every year and is pretty much on the brink of imploding.

The quality of life in NYC for how high the cost of living is, sucks, to me one of the worst cities in the country considering what it costs to live here, plus there is nothing unique anymore about it, in fact other cities across the country are more unique.

NYC is dead and the majority of our asshole politicians allowed the decay to happen.

Anonymous said...

I remember when this house was first brought up as a concern at least two years ago at the monthly 102 Pct. Community Council.

I'm sure that they'd looked into this matter with as much diligence as they do any other. That is: they show up one time in a month to investigate. No chronic problem can be corrected in this manner.

Also, the police use locations such as this house as an example as to why they're too busy to do anything about mere quality of life issues.

They're as full of shit as our politicians.