Thursday, April 9, 2015

Will major trashcan replacement make things cleaner?

From WPIX:

The snow has melted and it reveals a new problem in New York City.

Neighborhoods are reporting piles of trash.

The NYC Department of Sanitation Commissioner attended an event to unveil new receptacles along Woodhaven Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue.

PIX11 News Reporter Greg Mocker asked NYC Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia about other trouble spots.

NYC Councilmember Eric Ulrich says 50 new containers will appear along the stretch of road where the event was held.


Anonymous said...

Everything is a mess and I don't believe the trope that that people are SUDDENLY much bigger pigs than they used to be.

After all, this wasn't anywhere near the problem it is now than say three years ago.

Since 2012, I believe the city has dramatically scaled back on trash collection in commercial areas as a way to cut costs. I don't have the numbers of sanitation workers or their hours/schedules to confirm this although I would really love some transparency in this regard.

Why do I believe this? Because around 2012 I noticed a sudden dramatic increase in overflowing garbage cans in commercial areas all over Queens. A bunch of pigs doesn't just magically appear in a neighborhood overnight although this is the story the City has been trying to sell.

Since that time, more and more plastic grocery bags have been showing up snagged in the tops of trees in my neighborhood and they are staying there all through the winter, spring, summer, fall and the following winter when they begin to look like old rags and are then joined by more recent ones. This sight used to be a rarity where I live. In just the last year it has become commonplace. Why? More of these things are flying around. Why? Less trash pick up.

In the last year, the MTA has begun a pilot program where they have COMPLETELY REMOVED ALL OF THE GARBAGE CANS in a bunch of stations in both Brooklyn and Queens on trains such as the J, Z and M. This is according to an MTA worker in one of the affected stations who, by the way, admitted to me that it was one of the stupidest ideas she had ever encountered in all her years with the MTA. At the one of the affected stations I can tell you from past experience that garbage on that platform was NEVER A PROBLEM until this pilot program. Now that platform is a CONSTANT SHITHOLE. Garbage on benches. Garbage on the ground. Garbage on the tracks. Garbage blowing around. Brilliant idea MTA.

This idiocy coincides with the City removing numerous garbage cans in several commercial areas in Queens and claiming that this will discourage local merchants from putting household garbage in there. This action, according to some jerk who obviously doesn't live in any of the affected areas, will make the area cleaner by encouraging "compliance."


This is a way of denying an acceptable level of basic city services to hard working, non-superrich people who live here. This kind of nonsense would never be permitted in in a part of this city where tourists go or where the superrich reside.

Now that elections can be bought outright thanks to the Citizens United decision, this is what most Americans can look forward to.

Happy future wallowing!

Anonymous said...

I guarantee that most of these new trash cans will be overstuffed with household and business garbage in no time. If Sanitation catches anyone, it's a $100 fine. There are only a handful of Sanitation officers covering all of Queens, so please overstuff these cans as you see fit.

Anonymous said...

Are the council members going to take credits and add their names on the trash cans, as they did 15 years ago? Here in downtown Flushing, you can still spot street garbage cans with Liu's name affixed.

Anonymous said...

Politician's names on trash bins? That's quite appropriate. But considering the taxpayers pay for these trash bins, no names should be put on them. Politicians used to emboss their names on them as a cheap way to promote themselves in hopes that come election time, voters will recall their names. Free advertising..

Anonymous said...

Add one more to the list of ills caused by illegal apartments (alongside with fire, explosions, overcrowded schools, no parking, etc.). Many landlords of illegal apartments encourage their tenants to dispose of their garbage in the corner receptacle ( don't want to tip their hand by putting out 7 garbage cans in front of a 2 family house).

Anonymous said...

One of the dopiest photo ops I've seen - so far. BUT - this administration has a lot of time to provide even dopier initiatives.

Anonymous said...

Who's got the contract to supply these new cans?

Cleaning up the bull crap in government would be more effective.

I propose a political pooper scooper bill be introduced. Let the Vallones, Van Bramers , etc. be responsible for picking up after their own shit, or be heavily fined!

Anonymous said...

If one of those new, improved trash cans could hold Chuck Apelian, let's have four at each intersection in Flushing.

BTW, how did Chuck get that vintage NYC property lamp post installed in his cul de sac?

Anonymous said...

Didn't John Liu have new bigger "big belly" and "Stanley can" trash cans put in Flushing?

So where is the improvement?

Bottom line....third world slobs are third world slobs.
Ah, but Peter Koo is tired of hearing how dirty and stinky and overcrowded Flushing is.

Forget it's Chinatown.

InsanelyRantingGarbageLady said...

They finally put a garbage can in front of the Queens Center Mall... for awhile they had just had recycling bins for some reason, and these were of course overflowing with trash at all times. Yeah, the garbage situation in Elmhurst, JH, and Rego Park is ridiculous (maybe in other 'hoods as well, but these are the 3 that I know if firsthand). At least now there is regular collection of the bins in front of the Roosevelt Ave station. **It is absolutely absurd to remove our public trash cans in an effort to eliminate household garbage. It makes no sense at all; what does the city think will happen to the household trash, it will just evaporate? No, people just leave their household garbage right on the sidewalk. Queens is overflowing with people packed into every single inch of every domicile, so of course there will be way more household trash than the city is prepared to deal with. Garbage trucks only have the capacity to pick up a certain amount of garbage in front of each house: the amount that one would expect would be put out based on the size of the house. But of course, there's no such thing as a single-family house anymore; we're lucky if there is a single-family ROOM within what was once a private home.

Anonymous said...

Close our borders to illegal third world pigs for a real improvement. Sorry, pigs are much cleaner.