Friday, April 24, 2015

TV explosion damages Glendale homes

From CBS New York:

Residents of Glendale, Queens were complaining Wednesday night that a planned explosion for a TV drama show damaged their homes.

As CBS2’s Tracee Carrasco reported, the neighborhood around Doran Avenue is usually quiet. But residents said on Tuesday afternoon, it was anything but.

Dozens of Doran Avenue residents said they had their homes rocked by a controlled, planned car explosion during the filming of the NBC drama “The Black List.” A massive orange fireball shot into the sky, following a cloud of thick, black smoke.

And now, some say the explosion damaged their homes.


Anonymous said...

The film industry does whatever it wants with impunity. The fact that the city gave this crew a permit to do this near homes shows you what the industry means to them vs. their constituents.

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

If this had been a real explosion and fire (God forbid!) the FDNY and NYPD would have evacuated residents to protect them from the smoke (which they apparently had to breathe in) and other dangers.

Do not the FDNY and NYPD have any say in these matters?


JQ said...

Wasn't there a recent deal for broadway stages to take over some property in glendale? And is this one of their "productions"?

Someone has to yank the rubber stamp from the asshole that is still letting these boring derivative shows from infesting the streets with their trailers, thick cables and catering tents. I thought this shit was going to settle down when mayor fun size left. But mayor big pussy continues to let these irresponsible hacks do they whatever they want, supposedly making more money for the city.

Or obviously from the city.
This is in light of the wikileaks sony hack revealing Mario's Son to be very generous to the film industry. It's no wonder they think they can play with munitions on middle class homes.

I got an idea for a show. Impunity City. About a town out of control and bursting at the seams from overpopulation,overdevelopement and government favoritism to wealth and celebrity and indifference to the new expendables-the middle class and poor.

Let's see if I get a permit for that.

Anonymous said...

JQ said...
"Wasn't there a recent deal for broadway stages to take over some property in glendale? And is this one of their "productions"?"

Nope this is produced out of Kaufman Astoria Studios.
I doubt whether any home were damaged due to this explosion at all. I believe it to be the hysterics living on that one block of Doran.

Anonymous said...

Why would Kaufman-Astoria be filming on the Argentos' property?

The homes were damaged. Cracks in foundations and walls. No to mention the smoke generated is hazardous to health. This wasn't right at all.

Anonymous said...

wait till the shelter comes.

Anonymous said...

The homeowners "allege" their homes were damaged. Produce evidence the cracks/damage weren't there before the explosion.

Kaufman-Astoria is the blanket production facility that houses the company which produces "The Blacklist".

In the same way Silvercup provided facilities and services for "30 Rock" and dozens of other productions...

Anonymous said...

How exactly do you prove something wasn't there before? And if you can't, then how do you hold someone accountable for damages?

The fact of the matter is that it's quite unlikely that a bunch of people who just all happen to have prior damage to their homes are going to conspire to tell the same lie with such short notice. Take all the bastards that contributed to this to court and let a judge sort it out.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, we have a film industry troll posting here.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people in Glendale have connections to the film industry. You should see the puerile comments on their fake civic's Facebook page.