Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Comrie wants more tasteful alcohol ads

From CBS New York:

Is another battle at hand in the war over inappropriate advertisements? A Queens lawmaker is now taking aim at sexy inappropriate outdoor ads.

Sen. Leroy Comrie said he is acting on community complaints about alcohol ads – especially in family neighborhoods – on state property.

“We understand the right to free speech, we understand the right to advertise your product, but if you need to advertise your product in a friendly community, in a public space, then advertise it without the salaciousness,” he said.

The MTA does not comment on pending legislation and said its advertising standards ban the illegal, obscene and indecent.


Joe Moretti said...

That photo is a who's who of useless and corrupt Jamaica elected officials.

But what the FUCK, this is what Comrie and those other clowns are worried about. With all the major quality of life issues in Jamaica, the lack of quality services to the community and all the other problems that these clowns could tackle and do something about, they choose this, something they have no power to do. But of course that is why they take this on. It looks and sounds good, does not accomplish anything and they have to put no time into this, allowing them to ignore the issues they can do something about.


Anonymous said...

ComDid ought to pay some attention to all of those weight loss ads. Let that shifty fat boy replace the "fat boy" statue of Civic Virtue that used to be near Queeens borough hall.

Anonymous said...

Correction, my f-----g I Pad f----d up again.
Comrie ought to pay some attention to all of those weight loss ads. Let that shifty fat boy replace the "fat boy" statue of Civic Virtue that used to be near Queeens borough hall.

Anonymous said...

Another clear example of the multiple redundancy in local government.

Another round of parasites feeding off the public teat, elbowing each other for ways to spend taxpayer money and fighting each other for camera time.

These ads are the main problem in the city? A real reported would ask that question first.

georgetheatheist said...

Wills, Scarborough & Comrie. Wasn't that a Vaudeville act back with the Marx Brothers?

A Better NYC said...

Going after billion dollar companies!!

Sounds like Comrie has been hanging our with Sharpton and Jackson recently.

Anonymous said...

Yes George,. They sure beat the Millls Brothers....and have they got rhythm !

Cav said...

My own opinion for what it's worth.

Politics 101:

1)Create imaginary problems then implement meaningless, nonsensical solutions to combat them.

Real problems require real and often difficult solutions that reliable client voter blocs or big donors may not like.

Real problems if they can't simply be ignored are given politically safe but bullshit "gum and duct tape" treatments that allow them to kick the can down the road for a while. Hopefully, the problem will be pushed far enough down the road that the electorate will forget about it and the politician will retire before the shit really hits the fan.
End aside.

2)Politically connected firms can be hired at great expense to conduct numerous "studies" of the problems and recommend "solutions".

3) Ensure that the imaginary solution to the imaginary problems necessitates the creation of new, or expansion of existing, bureaucracies. More political appointees as a jobs programs for friends, more bureaucrats/city employees to make the municipal unions happy.
Some remaining crumbs may be doled out to client voter blocs through some free stuff program or other.

Furthermore, ensure that big crony capitalist political donors are given lucrative contracts or markets are created and/or mandated for the crony capitalist's goods and services.

A win-win for the right sort of elite people and the client voter blocs collect their crumbs in an exultant epiphany that they got over on someone else.

Don Cavaioli

bubba said...

it distracts the shooters

Joe Moretti said...

Very on the money Cav.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Comrie is very distracted by these ads as he is driven around in his limo. Get in touch with reality, sir!

Anonymous said...

anon 4: a real reporter actually did ask a few questions. and if his story is right, comrie doesn't even know what his own bill says. wow.