Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Parking rules do not apply to enforcement agents

From PIX11:

New York City’s traffic enforcement agents, the ones who give out parking tickets, recently began illegally parking their own private cars on a busy city block. The parking signs on 38th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues in Manhattan make it clear that only commercial parking is allowed. The limit is three hours at a cost of $4 an hour. There are muni-meters up and down the block.

But a couple of weeks ago, trucks making pickups and deliveries on this garment center block, found there were no spaces available. The reason is that agents had begun parking their own private cars on the block, taking up almost all the spaces on both sides of the block. Business owners and truck drivers complained to PIX Investigates.

We learned that the Traffic Enforcement Division had recently opened a new office on 36th Street and 7th Avenue. Apparently many of the agents decided to use W. 38th Street as their own private parking area, despite the fact that they are not commercial vehicles and were not paying for the parking.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you Know That the ones who Enforce the laws are above the law and allowed to break them? We should have learned this by now after watching all of the corruption in the nypd for the longest time!

G.M.N said...

They are just like any other government agency. Give me the power and the knowledge of the rules and theyll break em, ignore em any chance they get. They are exempt from the same rules that they enforce.

E.G. The NYPD and the law.

Anonymous said...

Wow- how is this news? Go to Hillside Avenue and Parsons and look at the Firehouse there. Engine 298 50th Battalion. Every work day the firefighters double park their cars taking up one lane of Hillside. This causes a lot of congestion since everyone now has to merge to one lane.

All over the city public workers get rights that regular workers do not. Take the damn bus like the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

The Elmhurst Firehouse on Grand Ave. is another example of city workers double parking and parking in no standing zones and just leaving their cars with FDNY placards on the dash.
This is near Queens Blvd and bus stops and there is an elementary school directly across from the firehouse.This is an accident waiting to happen especially when school gets out and at rush hour.
We all love the Fire Dept. and respect the hard job they do but please look for a legal parking spot or take public transportation like the rest of us.
Maybe the city can buy the vacant lot next to the firehouse from Tommy Haung.About 15 years ago when he took the building down
a worker died and the firehouse wall had to be shored up and it's been vacant since.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

What can anyone expect when the new breed of hijacked government leadership has been systematically replaced by a willful, governing body and rule of Neo-fascism? No one who actually makes the rules ever bothers to live by them! NYC (and especially Queens County), is now officially the Fourth World---where privilege, private splendor and faux, exalted leadership (that has always been false, fake and failed--but nonetheless continues to be rewarded with cushy, lifetime jobs that are paid by stymied, ambushed, peasant taxpayers'), versus a corrosive cesspool of public squalor. This is exactly how societal collapse devolves into anarchy and revolution---and ALWAYS because of the unclean hands of public servants, who continue to behave like empowered idiots and unresponsive tyrants (i.e., Dinkins, Giuliani, Bloomberg, de Blasio), whose own, exclusionary needs and self enrichment shamelessly prevail, over the actual city and its constituents for whom they purportedly serve---in simpler parlance---Neo-fascism---and the intentionally ignored public be damned!

Anonymous said...

Similar problem in Jamaica on Guy Brewer Blvd between Jamaica Ave and Liberty Ave - it's a major bus route and should be two lanes, but workers from the Probation Dept and NYPD park on one side of the street, even though there's supposed to be no parking, as trucks for Home Depot and other shops need to park and unload. Thus, what should be two lanes is always one lane.

I've also seen cars with US Gov't plates parking in the bus lane on Jamaica Ave outside a military recruiting office, blocking traffic. Apparently they can't park a block away in a municipal lot, or at a meter.

Anonymous said...

This good ol boys mentality started a long time ago and is corruption at its lightest. Cops, firemen, ticket agents, mta , post office, and there immediate familieS get theae hidden perks. Tow them all and make em pay the $320 everyone has to pay. His problem even extends to the friken cadets in the academy.

This wont stop. These employees make good money and the should pay for parking or take the subway like everyone else.