Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Missing C of O on Hillside

Every once in a while, something is brought to my attention that surprises even me. Take for example, this new building at 85-32 130th Street.

This 4-story structure appears to be fully inhabited, but there is no current C of O for it. And there's a nice Class 1 violation that hasn't been paid.

So it's a Class 1 violation, meaning a high hazard, yet the place is not vacated. I wonder what DOB considers to be really dangerous.


Anonymous said...

That looks so gross! That store on the bottom of it doesn't look right! More ugly crap in queens what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Holy Queens Crap!

JQ said...

But don't the balconies make the building look luxurious. Can you imagine the views of the rails and the way the sun reflects off the asphalt from up there?

Hideous. I wonder what the enterprising owner is charging for rent.

Anonymous said...

Balconies. Gotta have balconies.

Anonymous said...

Hope this makes the exhibit planned by QHS on future Queens Landmarks.

Anonymous said...

I believe the word is "luxurous"...That Mediterranean luxurosity and understated charm that mama and papa always dreamt of having back in the old country.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the balconies.

You don't want them to roast the pig in the kitchen, do you?

You don't want them to pluck the chicken and hang it up to drain the blood in the bathroom, do you?

Anonymous said...

Typical 3rd world Queens with a gaudy style seen in mid-Asian cities.

Can't wait for Jack Eichenbaum to set his eyes on this. He is right, with high class gems like this Queens doesn't need Landmarks.

But it should get a Queens Mark. Might even last longer than the other gems that have that coveted prize.

Anonymous said...


85-32 131 ST

Love this PAA to add water service!!


Anonymous said...

Can Crappie please put together a list of these architects who create these plans? How about "Architects who have appeared on our pages"

somethingstructural said...

the building gets vacated when people's lives are at risk mainly due to collapse potential. building collapses are sudden and you can't predict them down to a day or week. they're just a serious risk, then one day boom it's all over.

there's no reason to think that's the case here, at all.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder what DOB considers to be really dangerous."

Not getting paid to look the other way.

Anonymous said...

Not true re: collapse. DOB/FDNY vacates people out of illegal basements all the time and they aren't in danger of collapsing.

Joe Moretti said...

Third world dreck complete with storage balconies and a shitty business on ground floor.

Welcome to the world's shithole, I mean borough.


Anonymous said...

Started from a tear down
The fedders are silver
Balconies are bright
The bricks are brown
More "Crap"in my town.

Anonymous said...

There are 19 open items to be signed off prior to Certificate of Occupancy being validly issued.

They had Temporary C of Os.

They probably cannot rectify what they did illegally.

The building should be vacated!

Anonymous said...

New Third World Hotel for Queens:


somethingstructural said...

that's a noteworthy exception, but those are still often "imminent risk of death" situations, not "the building we approved the design and use of became occupied before a CO was in place"

Anonymous said...

The builders Know exactly what they are doing. Eventually the will pay 5 cents on the dollar for fine to clear them up, It will be a financial burden to fix the problems and what do I do with all those poor families and children if we make the building unsafe? In a few years it gets forgotten and becomes the norm.

If the city had balls and not $$$$$$in there eyes, It should be forced to tear down and build in kind to match the rest. No tax loss no reimbursement for anything and fines on top of it.

At the moment the fines will be paid, variance's for a simple mistake will be granted and it then is legal. A precedent has been set for other properties in the area.

Welcome to the NEW Queens.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this kind of shit usually advertised as "luxury living"?
Quick.....kick me in the ass and awake me from this nightmare.