Monday, April 20, 2015

Audit finds major problems at animal shelters

From NBC:

Operators of New York's animal shelters are administering expired drugs to dogs and cats, failing to maintain safe conditions and neglecting their financial records, according to an audit conducted by the city comptroller's office.

"Animal care and control is running an operation that could make your stomach turn," Comptroller Scott Stringer said Sunday in a news release. "We found expired drugs, harmful conditions and vaccines stored next to frozen remains."

Auditors examined conditions at animal shelters from March to November of last year. A records review revealed 499 occasions in which expired drugs were given to animals and that 92 bottles of expired drugs -- some as old as 13 years -- had not been removed from shelves, the auditors reported.

Animal Care & Control, a non-profit corporation, has a five-year, $51.9 million contract with the city to operate animal shelters in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island. It also operates animal receiving centers in the Bronx and Queens.


Anonymous said...

Every animal brought into the city should be spayed/neutered. If you want to breed, you pay a special fee and have to spay/ neuter the offspring sounds simple and would be humane.. Can some councilperson bring this up and pass a law that would actually benefit everyone in this city??????

Anonymous said...

Expired medicine?

Does Zyklon B expire?

Keep the ones with tags for three days, put the rest to sleep on arrival.

Taxpayer money for animals when there are people living on the street?

This is crying out to be privatized and not tax payer supported.

Anonymous said...

As a dog owner who adopted from a shelter I have some issues

Why do I have to pay a license fee for my 15 lb terrier, keep her on a leash, get rabies shots etc?

How come all the people who feed the stray cats which have lots of healthy kittens (I know they are cute)can' even be given a health dept violation for all the food outside there house. and they don't pay anything for the cute poor cats (overgrown rats in my area of Queens).

We are so overridden with them nobody does anything other then feed them and we get more.

Anonymous said...

You can call a TNR program and get them fixed for free.

Anonymous said...

Up into the 70's the Health Dept. sent inspectors door to door checking if dogs had licenses.
Today I'd say most dogs aren't licensed,this is money the city is losing out on.They should also make the fee much higher for dogs that aren't neutered.Either make neutering mandatory or charge a high fee for a breeders license.
Many of these people are selling puppies for hundreds of dollars.
As for the feral cat colonies,the TNR people mean well but I wouldn't want to live next to one.They also attract people who just want to dump a cat off.Life on the streets are not easy for cats,they can be hit by cars,injured by cat haters and get diseases and freeze to death in the winter.
Please as Bob Barker used to say and Drew Carey says each day on the Price is Right" Get your pets spayed and neutered,help control the pet population".

Anonymous said...

I was just at the one in bk yesterday and I adopted a cute cat! As far as the cleanliness I seen in the cat area, the girls were cleaning the cages constantly. As far as the meds are concerned, I don't know anything about it. The people in the bk animal control shelter was very nice!

Anonymous said...

NYC ACC is supposed to be the worst. I rescued my cat from there, she had 11 hours to live before they put her to sleep when I found her. If you are considering adopting look at the "Pets on Death Row" facebook site. That is how I found my Sophia and she is an amazing pet.