Saturday, April 11, 2015

Assault of the trucks: Staten Island edition

Hi, Crappie!

Trucks redux:

Thought you/readers would find this interesting.

The bed of this turning truck is actually on top of the hood of the car parked at the corner! Our area is one of those horrors created with 60s zoning: M3-1 mixed higgledy-piggledy with residential... so we have 35' wide streets with 53' trucks trying to back into loading bays, completely shutting down streets for half an hour while the trucks maneuver in to loading bays.

Happy Spring!

- Staten Islander


Anonymous said...

They should ban parking so close to the crosswalk. Cars parked there, especially tall vehicles, block viewing angles making the intersection more hazardous. Especially for pedestrians. Get rid of those cars and fire trucks and local delivery trucks have a much easier time getting around too.

Anonymous said...

"They should ban parking so close to the crosswalk."

Ah yes blame the car that is parked, not the 53 foot truck driving through off a truck route. These large trucks are tearing the city apart, they are too big. If anything should be banned it should be 18 wheeler trucks in this city. You can put your stuff in smaller box truck type trucks that fit on the road.

Joe Moretti said...

The point is right that here that cars are parked way too close to the crosswalk. In other cities, this is totally illegal. But also the issue is large trucks such as that either being able legally to be on such streets that were not designed for this or as in the case of Queens, trucks illegally on residential streets.

As usual ENFORCEMENT is the issue and is overcrowding.

Anonymous said...

"They should ban parking so close to the crosswalk"
Geez get a clue willya 53' trucks have no business on residential street in any borough.53' trucks ARE banned I have no idea why the NYPD does not enforce the ban. Suggesting they ban parking cars So Close to the cross walk is disingenuous

Anonymous said...

The legal limit for trucks on most NYC streets is 55'. The trailer is limited to 48', except on a few highways 53' trailers are legal. Can you reliably eyeball a 53' vs 48' trailer?

Anonymous said...

No, but the number "53" is usually clearly marked on a 53' trailer.

Anonymous said...

Try confronting truckers. They're Teamster Union gangsters.