Saturday, April 25, 2015

City trees still suffer from Sandy's effects

From the Epoch Times:

Some of these bare-branched apparitions are still hanging on to life, but haven’t woken up to the season yet. Some are marked by the city for deletion using a green-painted “X” or small metal tags. Others are tagged “DEAD TREE” in white spray paint, probably the work of a rather literal-minded denizen.

Dead trees are the long-term blight left by the hurricane, a legacy that will continue to be felt in New York’s coastal communities for the foreseeable future.

In the immediate aftermath of Sandy, almost 11,000 street trees and 9,000 park trees were destroyed. That’s $28 million in day-of-storm tree damages.

In the years since Sandy, the work continues. In Brooklyn alone, 48,000 trees have been inspected, once in the summer of 2013, and again in the summer of 2014, resulting in the removal of more than 2,500 storm-impacted trees. The Parks department’s crews do their inspections during the summer, when trees would be at their peak leaf-out, to be sure of their vitality or lack thereof.

Monitoring the health of storm-impacted trees will be an ongoing responsibility for at least another two years, especially along New York City’s 520 miles of coastline.


A real card said...

Boo! Made you look. Made you look.

JQ said...

Choice photo Crappy.

Climate change has brought more windy days to coastal cities like here, violent winds, that has stripped the bark off the majority of the oldest trees in Southern Queens. Actually some of these are hard to gauge how old they are, as even the healthiest looking ones would just collapse or randomly be stripped from its base, like what happened at Kissena a few years ago

Anonymous said...

Great hanging tree. Ant crooked pol's to string up?

Anonymous said...

No one takes care of trees like they did years ago. This city and most of the residents suck. How can you not want shade in the heat and cleaner air??.i'm stuck here for 5 more years.