Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jamaica sty property finally cleaned

"Last week, the month's long stinking fiasco finally ended. The sanitation department cleaned James Fobb's sty. It took two visits for D.O.S to remove the volume of garbage mixed with furniture. It was also done after the Easter holidays.

Nonetheless, thanks to staff member, Andy from Councilman Miller's office. Andy took the time to visit the site with me a few Sundays ago. He said, "This place is worse than I thought."
Unfortunately, this fiasco will happen over and over again because the CHRONIC PROMISER, Borough President/Melinda Katz, is ONLY making awarding winning speeches. She and her staff are preoccupied with speeches, meetings and conferences.

Meanwhile, the primitive inhabitants will strike again. Soon they will discard of their furnishings, kitchen and other household garbage, at Fobb's site again.

The primitive inhabitants are confident that no one will bother them. They are sure that Katz will be on her next speech assignment. Therefore, she will have no time for law-enforcement.

During her campaign, she claimed to be a fixer; that will resolve issues from day ONE. Well, ONE YEAR has past. She has done very little.

Residents know that Joe & I are responsible for most of the clean-up in Jamaica. We will not allow the CHRONIC PROMISER to take credit for our hard work.

WE will hold KATZ, the CHRONIC PROMISER accountable because it is her damn job to deliver services. It is her damn job to bring agencies together to deliver services.

So far, she has delivered motivational speeches and no resolution.

As for the CHRONIC EXCUSE-MAKERS, Ms. Velazquez/ counsel and Ms. Boranian/liaison; at the B/P's office. Do your damn job. Make yourself available to receive residents' calls.

Other issues that need attention: the speeding, noise making trucks. The park at 109 & Merrick. The half done paint at the trestle and the dungeon bus stop.

No, you will NOT be allowed to sweep these issues under the rug, while voters are suffering.

Oh yea, What Ever The Hell It Takes."

Pamela Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything good about living in Jamaica?
What a shit hole it is!

Joe Moretti said...

Pamela Hazel, the hardest working fighter of justice in Jamaica.

You go Pam!!!!!

JQ said...

Chronic Promiser, that's a good one and lot cleaner than my name for her-the Queens Steamer.

I have similar problems in my part of town, there are 3 houses I saw with stained furniture and car parts piled up outside. I think this is starting to spread west of Jamaica.

All these reports about coyote sightings can't be a coincidence, although our local news teams should have done reports on south queens ballooning raccoon population in the past 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of Community Collapse Disorder - where something tears at the fabric of an area destroying its fabric but making it great for development and the politicians standby because it is in their best interests to do so.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Is there anything good about living in Jamaica?
What a shit hole it is!

1. No, no there isn't.
2. Yes, yes it is and has been for years.

Sorry Joe Moretti. It's the truth.

I survived 4 years at 'Chill'crest.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jamaica in the Caribbean, but not Jamaica Queeens....the butt hole of the borough.

Anonymous said...

Time to bring in the Hipsters :-)