Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous

From WNYC:

The Mayor began the outreach to landlords last month by sending a robocall. Deputy Mayor Lilliam Barrios-Paoli said it was now up to these mostly young community organizers and social workers manning the phone bank to ensure success.

“They're the ones who really have to bring it home and make it happen,” she said. “We’re hopeful we can get a number of apartments out of this, probably in the hundreds. And that would be terrific.”

DHS has also hired 154 new caseworkers and inspectors at a cost of $10.5 million. They also spent more than $300,000 to renovate the space. The room across the hall is filled with projectors and video conferencing equipment.

Hmmm, so if this is the plan, and homelessness is going to be reduced, why are we still signing contracts for more permanent shelters?


LibertyBoyNYC said...

$11MM just to start cold-calling homeowners. Unreal!

Anonymous said...

You have to be the most stupid landlord if you are going to give the apartments to NYC to rent! No good is ever going to come with dealing with de Blasio if you are a landlord.

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

As a lifelong (67 years) resident of Queens, I never have been and never will become a landlord.

Sure, as a senior citizen, I could use the extra income.

But this would mean converting my one family home (legally = expensive) or (do it myself = illegal).

Believe me, my three bedroom, one bathroom home is just enough for me and the wife.

I could convert the basement into an illegal apartment, but there are a lifetime of memories packed away down there, and they are going nowhere....

Sorry NYC: not in my house!

Anonymous said...

Then DiBlasio will have to force you to convert your basement.

Anonymous said...

This is a program for houses that are being converted from owner occupied to absentee landlord.

Your aunt died and you and your siblings just got her house. Talk about one of you moving in (for below market rent) and continuing the family investment in the community for another generation.

Now this program. Put anyone in as long as the city can cover it. Make more money.

Lots more money.

Guess which route they follow.

Anonymous said...

Dumbest idea EVER!

JQ said...

What's ridiculous is they have a command center and they are describing it as a war to legitimize the existence for such amenities.

The last time I heard something like this was when Mayor Benito Giuliani had that anti-terror
command center at 7 WTC.

Both of them are just glorified hangouts or social clubs that are useless against the battles they are trying to win.

The only way this stops is if people got paid more an hour and there was a concrete efficient plan to build affordable housing and improvements to infrastructure and transit surrounding it.

But Mario's son already passed the budget so fuck all that.

Suffer the proletariat and their children.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure my idiot landlord, who is marketing "Luxury apartments" alonside of neglected, rent stabilized apartments in buildings that lean more toward tenement than luxury, will be participating in this very strange effort.
If I wasn't fortunate to have one of the neglected, rent stabilized units, I WOULD MOVE.

Anonymous said...

Fill all those vacan "luxury" spaces in Flushing with section eights and homeless.
Remember when the Flushing armory was used as a womaen's homeless shelter?

The girls were selling their bodies to city workers who knew there were prostitutes sleeping there. At six in the morning , they were flashing their breasts to get business.

What does the Flushing BID have to say?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Chuck Apelian will support the construction of a tent city for the homeless in his sweet little cul de sac off of Bayside Ave.
John Liu, his neighbor can help on the chow line. What has he got to do since his fall from grace.

C'mon fellas, do something good for humanity.