Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dutch Kills hotel looks very strange

From Sorabji:

27th Street near 39th Avenue in Dutch Kills is now the scene of this bizarre monstrosity: the Boro Hotel. I thought all the metal railings were some kind of scaffolding that would come off eventually. Nope. This jungle-gym fa├žade is here to stay.

It’s not even open yet and the building is already showing signs of wear.
Seen from Crescent Street the hulking structure looks like some kind of industrial compound.


JQ said...

All this hyper development is coming from a bunch of hack designer architects who obviously learned everything they know from playing Sim City 20 hours a day.

I wonder if this was built with union workers or sitting on the corner curb workers.

Anonymous said...

Crapo-Modernism....a new style emerging?
Hotel-Brothels are springing up all over to accommodate the "tourism" that Queens is supposed to be getting. Bah! Humbug! This is just another pipe dream on burro hall's wish list. Nobody willingly comes to Queens unless they have little choice left.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Maybe Wellington Chen built it. He always talks about the days he spent in "architecture school".
You can find better looking hotels near the slums of Sao Paulo.

Imagine arriving and your cab driver drops your luggage at the curb and says, "This is it. We're here".

Jerry Rotondi said...

I think that the Queens Chamber of Commerce should put up a big sign welcoming visitors approaching the bridge plaza.

"Welcome to Queens. Please excuse our appearance".

Anonymous said...

"Industrial" is chic - as long as there's no truck traffic, easy mass trans connections, and starbucks. Wait - that isn't industrial, is it?

Anonymous said...

You can see the Twin Georges at Work, Stamatiades and Gianaris. One brought down the other about to be.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Frank Lloyd Crap!!!

Anonymous said...

Such luxury! Can you imagine some poor stupid Europeans getting off the jet at JFK and ending up here for the week? LOL!