Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Queens Village abandoned house retrofitted as garbage landfill

Season's Greetings from crappy South Queens Village where disrespectful auto body shops do as they please, illegal dumping and litter runs rampant, junk cars and boats parked all over residential streets...Oh, dont get me started on the illegal truck/trailer parking up and down Springfield Blvd. Well, now we have this latest ghetto disaster to feast our eyes upon @ 214-15 Hollis Ave. Yup, a gutted foreclosed home with all it's crap left out in the driveway and front yard for 3 weeks now, and as usual, nothing is getting done about it (despite multiple complaints filed by yours truly).

 Well, as I was taking these pictures, 2 thugs driving a Mercedes with dark tinted windows pulled up and with attitude started asking why I'm taking pictures. I didn't take their crap and we verbally started going back and forth until his friend (the passenger) told him to calm down. The driver then gave me this BS story about how he cleans up properties and he's going to the city and to clean up this one. They took off. BS! They are drug dealers who set businesses in these foreclosed homes and got nervous seeing someone taking photos (another quality of life issue to add to the list). Fellow, Queens Crappers, I'm open to suggestions on how to handle this situation, because my local politicians are useless.


Anonymous said...

Call your Community Board ... #13 ? (718) 464-9700

Who are your elected officials?

Anonymous said...

MOVE to a better city/state. This has been going on for decades in shitty NYC and no one, especially the politicians and beyond, do NOTHING. Democrats, liberals and progressive should be totally ashamed of themselves for doing nothing, which actually goes against what the stand for. But if this was Republican & Conservative controlled, it would still not change, but then I would expect that from Republicans who do not care for the working class, poor and people of color, but Democrats - SHAME ON YOU hiding behind that label.

Attitude said...

I like when people who have attitudes complain that other people have attitudes.

Byeee said...

It it is foreclosed you can buy it and clean it up.

Otherwise the lending institution is responsible. If there is a loan on the property, that bank'lender must keep the property maintained. But, good luck getting them too!

Anonymous said...

How vibrant!

TommyR said...

@JQ, Mitch sez it all the time - there's no issue with being in a public place and taking pictures. I blurred my house's exterior out from Google Maps a little while ago b/c I wanted the privacy, but there's nothing wrong with taking pictures like you did. That said, if it's sanitation issue, you can put in 311 for dumping. There was a guy around the corner from me in a corner building who had a barge-thing full of trash for the better of part two or three years, felt like, before it finally got carted away and cleaned up (must've changed hands).

From Street View, it's a real shame because the placed tidy up til recently.

I wouldn't recommend getting into any verbal altercations if you can avoid it - just tell 'em you've a right to take note of such things and pass it onto the appropriate authorities as a concerned resident/"fellow homeowner" if it comes up again.

John said...

The NYCHA owns this home based on a property search.
Call them.

Use this link:
(it is slow)

Search for the address.

Anonymous said...

Fits right in with the area as you pointed out.

JQ LLC said...


I didn't take those pictures, someone else took it and remains anonymous.

Thanks for the tip anyway. Very beneficial

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I had a zombie property that was empty for over 30 years(yup 30). When I moved into the neighborhood it took me 7 years to get the property cleaned up and sold. It was so bad had homeless living in it and one person froze to death. And as I type the home is finally getting renovated. My steps was to find out who the bank was that owns the property and get them to clean up the property. It is best to find out who is the CEO and complain directly to them. If they don't reply make sure to get the city on speed dial and keep putting in complaints about garbage and now you see rats running around. You can always threaten a lawsuit stating that property is bringing your property value down. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned NYCHA owns this house. If so complain directly to the Mayor's Office..