Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Cuomo veto allows pollution to continue in Jamaica Bay

Disappointed and surprised by Cuomo’s decision to veto the legislation, Dan Mundy Jr., president of the Broad Channel Civic Association and vice president of the Jamaica Bay Eagle Watchers, said they’re hoping to persuade the governor to save the environment. 

“After 30 years of work, Jamaica Bay is the cleanest we’ve ever seen,” Mundy said. “This summer we had a humpback whale inside the bay, right now we have a resident seal population. Our group conducts scuba diving operations out here on a regular basis and we have a 70-foot-deep amazing shipwreck that we’re exploring.” 

Betty Braton, chair of Community Board 10, said the governor’s decision to veto the bill was “very shortsighted” and she hopes he reconsiders. 

“For many of us here, it’s been a lifelong work to make sure that this bay comes back to what it once was. You know, history tells us some bad decisions were made over the years. It had a very serious impact and people were working very hard to turn that around,” Braton said. “I hope that our legislators will continue the work they’ve been doing, which has been outstanding getting this bay back to what it once was: a jewel.”


Anonymous said...

How Dare He !

Anonymous said...

I would say it was loaded with PORK otherwise how could he veto Common Sense legislation, they never Tire treating us like fools

Anonymous said...

Cuomo is a perverse author of harm to Americans, particularly those unfortunate enough to live in NY and therefore be under his control. He chooses policies which are almost suicidal in their potential to cause harm to people and other parts of NY. Hey, if he wants to commit suicide, let him jump off the Empire State observatory and leave the rest of us alone. He is reservoir of evil writ in human form. So is the rest of his family.

Anonymous said...

This pass fall I rode my bike from Howard Beach to Breezy Point and back.
The Litter I saw made me sick ! Garbage was left on the roadside on both bridges.
The Joseph P. Addabbo Bridge was horrible. Litter (new and old) from the Fisherman was everywhere making it look like a Shitehole ! How about sending local enforement to give fines to these pigs.

Anonymous said...

Ah,poor Dan! What do you liberals expect! The only hump New Yorker's have is in Albany, oh and City Hall!

Anonymous said...

Anyone surprised?

Anonymous said...

The dumping of food and religious articles by the followers of the Hindu faith also continues, all under the guise of religious freedom and the National Park Service permits this.
They should take the money spent on these items and send it back to the countries they came from and help the starving people and stop polluting God's creation.

Anonymous said...

Wait to see what Gov will do with the Medicare budget time bomb !
$6B budget deficit ! Get ready for more Taxes and increased fees for the working poor !

Joe said...

"70-foot-deep amazing shipwreck"

More then that in those waters.
In the early 1970s we would go with Plexiglas bottom rowboat and find old blue bottles, sometimes mason jars of moonshine. Still sealed, it tasted of a combo of gasoline and cheap port wine brandy.
Also pots, pans, knives, forks, bricks even a brass piano core once.
Even bricks, cement and cinder block meaning could be body's buried in the marsh.
Could be partly why some people don't want nobody snooping around in there.