Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Jimmy Van Bramer campaigns to spend more time with his family

NY Post

 Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer announced Tuesday that he is ending his campaign for Queens borough president, citing family reasons.

“Family circumstances have been weighing on me for some time, causing me to reconsider the timing and feasibility of this campaign,” the Queens Democrat said in a statement.

“Prioritizing my responsibilities as a son and brother is where my attention needs to be right now. 

While this is a difficult decision, this is the right one for me and my family at this time.”
A special election will be held March 24 after former Borough President Melinda Katz was elected Queens district attorney.

Van Bramer helped lead the controversial fight against Amazon building a new headquarters in Long Island City — a deal that was ultimately scuttled due to the backlash.
The Queens pol had previously complained about getting threatening texts over his opposition, but told The Post that his decision to pull out of the race “has nothing to do with anything other than my mom and our family.”

Van Bramer was a front-runner and had already scored some key endorsements, including Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and actor-turned-progressive darling Cynthia Nixon.
Others still vying for the beep job include fellow term-limited Councilmen Donovan Richards and Costa Constantinides, and former Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley. The Queens Democratic Party is backing Richards.

Van Bramer as of last week had raised $463,701 for his campaign and had $203,185 on hand. His fundraising efforts have exceeded both Richards’ and Constantinides’, but slightly trailed those of Crowley, the cousin of longtime Queens power broker and former Rep. Joe Crowley.

If Jimmy was so weighted with these thoughts for "some time", why did he show up and passionately pleaded for voter support at that ridiculous two mic forum last week?


Anonymous said...

Is this a cover for a new promotion tied in with those celebrity endorsements? If so, thanks for all the cash donations made, time donated, and support given by his community, eh?

We always shortchange ourselves and our communities with betrayals and unfulfilled promises in exchange for an empty smile and a pat on the head - from what we think are the rich and powerful - but are in reality the mean and weak.

As suggested many times on this blog, Trump is a demon-son who learned everything he knows about politics by watching the locals in Queens.

JQ LLC said...

I think Jimmy has a bigger goal in mind, like Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Sounds Fishy !

Anonymous said...

I wonder who he's going to throw his support to?

I'm betting Richards because that's the guy Meeks wants, and Jimmy always does what he's told to do...

Anonymous said...

Thank god. All the other major candidates are decent, now I can cast a vote for one of them and not worry that it'll split the vote and let Van Breem sneak into office.

@JQ - Mayor? god help us, he's DeBlasio Jr. and the City can't survive another 8 years of that.

Anonymous said...

Aw heck! Now what? Another grrrreat Dimicrat candidate for president?

TommyR said...


ron s said...

Bye, Felicia

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Family matters? Yes very fishy. Perhaps Melinda has a job lined up for him in her new administration. They are close friends. Never trusted him.

Anonymous said...

County paid him off, he'll endorse Richards, then Jimmy will get some cushy job when he leaves the city council in 2021, or at least get county support when he runs for higher office (Mayor, Public Advocate, Controller)

Anonymous said...

Think we need a Crowley watch as well as a Richards watch particularly focused on role of the their big donors and big unions in buying the election.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash people:

You don't have to go this route.

Simply move over one line to the right and vote Republican.
What do you have to lose after all?

This city is one economic downturn away from Baltimore.
DeAssio's legacy:
-a sanctuary city where third world criminals hide (and commit crime)
-homelessness at the highest levels ever
-public housing a mess (taken over by federal oversight)
-schools continue massive decline- 40% passing rate means 60% are failing.
All that, despite a budget of $34,000,000,000.00 (that's no error in zeros either)
-bail reform? Another name for The Purge
-more property taxes, more traffic cameras, more destruction of the working class.
-closing Rikers...and putting the jails in the middle class enclaves like Kew Gardens, what can go wrong?

...and this guy Van Bramer supported it all, smiling like a jackass.

Just vote Republican and stop trying to justify the insanity.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, you pathetic little piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

This guy, the Crowley's gone and now the MTA jackass is going back to England. Hope some of the mayors bunch are next