Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dead man found tied up after abandoned house fire in Queens Village

NY Post

A man’s scorched body was found with his hands tied behind his back after firefighters put out a blaze that erupted inside an under-construction Queens home early Monday, police and law enforcement sources said.

Smoke-eaters made the gruesome discovery on the first floor of the two-story colonial home on 217th Street near 104th Avenue in Queens Village once the fire was extinguished around 3:15 a.m., police said.

The victim, whose identity was not immediately released, was found bound and lying face down on the ground with severe burns on his body, sources said.

Emergency responders pronounced the man dead at the scene.

The city medical examiner will determine his cause of death.

Neighbors said the home, which used to house a deli on the ground floor, has been under construction for about a year.

“It’s very creepy,” neighbor Robin Bishop, 55, said of the disturbing incident. “It’s very shocking because I know things happen but not this close to home.”

Bishop noted that the area is a “quiet neighborhood.”


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Anonymous said...

>Bishop noted that the area is a “quiet neighborhood.”

Best place to hide a body. Won't get discovered for years. They wouldn't have found this one if it wasn't for the fire.
Surprised they didn't just bury him in the foundation, he wouldn't have been found till the house was demolished 100 years from now.

Anonymous said...

There goes the danged neighborhood!

TommyR said...

Creepy indeed, it doesn't get much quieter than QV. This exact address is 103-18 217th St, the intersection off of Bing maps.There's "nothing" out there but homes, it's not a hotspot for crime AFAIK. Hands bound and face down - this was targeted, and if no signs of struggle he probably knew them that whacked him.

This happened before dawn two days ago on the twentieth, it should be pointed out.

Article from the Queens Daily Eagle. A PIX11 article also mentioned locals related they'd seen no activity at the construction site for weeks. Did the owner tick off the wrong party, or hire the wrong "labor"...?

JQ LLC said...

This is similar to that guy who got murdered in his brownstone that was also set on fire in Fort Greene. Except he was very high profile and beloved by neighbors and kids.

The new bad days are here.

Anonymous said...


Yeah right. Like the Clinton days when a lot of people died of "suicide" like shot himself twice with a shotgun. Even coined a new phrase - Arkancide.

Anonymous said...

The kids these days called it being "suicided". Such as in "Epstein was suicided because he had too much dirt on powerful people".

Oddly enough, it's often attributed to the very same Arkansas couple.

Anonymous said...

Poor kid,it could be anybody's