Sunday, January 12, 2020

MTA is being opaque about perplexing Queens bus route redesigns

Hello Queens Crapper,
By any chance will you share the MTA’s latest proposal on the Queens Bus Network Redesign on your blog? It will probably affect many readers’ school and work commutes especially with the elimination of many existing routes. The MTA doesn’t seem to be getting the info out to the riders/customers probably a calculated move.

It will be difficult for many seniors and families with small children that rely on bus service and are unable to travel by train (many stations are not ADA compliant and are without elevators).

Thank you!
Here’s the proposal:
Here’s the MTA online comment form:


Queens Bus Rider said...

Thank you for posting this!!! It’s upsetting that the MTA doesn’t make more people aware. Sadly, many will go to their bus stop and see it’s no longer there if we don’t speak up! Readers, if you use the bus, please check the conversion chart to see how your route will be affected with the MTA’s proposal:

Anonymous said...

You need an App now to ride a bus or train !

Anonymous said...

In my neighborhood half the bus stops will be gone. A two bus trip will now be a 3 bus trip. And I don't see anytime improvement for me.

Anonymous said...

The MTA will be eliminating bus service in parts of Queens that have no access to a subway and Cuomo is pushing for the Air Train to LGA at a cost of $2 billion when it would be less costly to extend subways and bus service to LGA. Nutso.

Anonymous said...

Thank two or three blocks in Vallonia for that Air Train price. Extending the N Train is the only way to go.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this great? The same time the City and State are making life unlivable for people who have to drive and telling us to take public transit- they're eliminating the bus stops and routes we depend upon.

It's like they want us all to move out so they can rezone our neighborhoods for their real estate cronies. Once the rich people move in, they'll get bus lines.

JQ LLC said...

Anon re: Move out

If those results happen, it would be a good way to turn these bus bereft towns into opportunity zones.

Julie B. said...

Guys, go to a workshop!!! They've made the plan 400+ pages long, and how many of us will register comments on the website? It's a simple click. I'm going to flushing Library on the 22nd to get simple facts on my route--I hope there will be others there.

JQ LLC said...

Queens Bus Rider:

You're welcome, apologies for waiting to post, I wanted the Neirs stories out of the way so the MTA's idiotic austerity measure bus schedules would get higher billing on the page. I'll have something to say about this on my own blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there was a well attended hearing in the summer in the basement of Flushing library and it was posted on all the buses well in advance. But I have got to admit I never expected it to be so extensive. They claimed that by simplifying the routes, they will be faster, and the absorption of Queens Surface created a lot of redundancies. The end result may be worthwhile but chaotic to introduce.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas are easy; Implementing them is difficult.

The plan might be great but the implementation will make or break it.
Do they expect everyone to switch in one morning?
Gradually over the summer is probably the way to go.
And getting the information out is critical.
They did a great job redesigning the downtown Flushing bus stops a few years ago.
It definitely reduced congestion caused by buses spending too much time.
But no one knew where to get on a bus they used infrequently.
Of course, deBlasio has since messed it up.

Great ideas (inspiration) are easy; Implementing them (persipration) is difficult.