Thursday, January 23, 2020

Massive Flushing development foments discord with area residents

Queens Chronicle
Special Flushing Waterfront District protesters returned brandishing “Housing justice for all” and “The massive waterfront giveaway” signs for the developers’ presentation at Community Board 7’s Land, Buildings and Zoning Committee hearing Tuesday, Jan. 21.

“You have your signs and that’s great, it’s no problem. March around with your signs, but please kindly control the tone,” District Manager Marilyn McAndrews said at the start of the meeting, begging the protesters not to repeat their chants of the Jan. 13 public hearing meeting that disrupted the nursing home the meeting took place in.

“Flushing community members are concerned with increased congestion, pollution, construction hazards and mass displacement resulting from new luxury development,” MinKwon Center, the advocacy group that organized the protest, said in a statement.

The Brownsfield Opportunity Area plan, which allows for redeveloping the 29-acre stretch of waterfront industrial property and surrounding land in Downtown Flushing, aims to extend the district to the waterfront, improve pedestrian flow and vehicular movement, add affordable housing and improve the water quality of Flushing Creek. As the meeting progressed, CB 7 members, who hold the power to make an advisory vote, scheduled for Feb. 10, on the implementation of the plan, found themselves voicing similar concerns to the protesters.

“This is a vacant site. Other than U-Haul there is no activity,” said Ross Moskowitz, the attorney representing the project owners in response to a question about displacement, “The increase in this project should not have an impact on the local businesses ... these are local developers. They are long-established owners, operators, tenants, residents. They have invested in this community and will invest in this community.”


Anonymous said...

They developing Falasheng into what? Already crowded, looks like a horror show in and around Main Street, fuck hotels/motels everywhere. Unflipping believable.

Anonymous said...

It's not on Google Maps, but I've walked on CPB from Roosevelt to Northern and a lot of those new buildings, which look a lot like SkyView Center, are already up

ron s said...

This no place to build housing or anything permanent and large. It is a mucky riverbank with a few centuries of garbage, ashes and toxic materials thrown in.

Anonymous said...

With all this massive development we can forget about stopping the dumping of raw swage into Flushing Bay and Creek.Remember the giant underground sewage tank built in Flushing Meadow Park near Western Beef that was going to solve the problem? Well forget about it.Talk about shitty city planning.

Anonymous said...

Build it high,let them come,may they have many hot and muggy days smelling the soup from hell.

TommyR said...

The longer I read qc and older I get, the more I look at the image at the top of the blog site and think, "if it were only as bad as just that."

Anonymous said...

Will bat soup and fried rats be on the menu?
What a fucking disgrace these lowlife politicians are.
Nothing against anybody or any ethnic group, they are just tools for these lowlife motherfuckers.
See some of the new condos recently? Remember the London apartment building fire? Grenfell Tower?

Well some of the deadly siding used in the Grenfell Tower building is being used in these new condos. Some development if you ask me.