Saturday, January 4, 2020

Flushing home loaded with homeless people and building violations


The fate of Nanoom House, a nonprofit homeless shelter that serves predominantly Korean-American residents of Murray Hill, rests on the outcome of a court hearing to be held later this month. 

The independently funded shelter — one of only a few in the city that houses mostly Asian American immigrants — is located in a small, three-bedroom house at 34-30 150th Place. 

One look at the shelter’s green colonial exterior and its surroundings — houses, lawns and driveways — and you might think that a small family lives there. But until recently, it typically housed around 30 residents on a short-term basis, many of them non-English speakers who found a sanctuary that catered to their language and cultural needs close to the heart of Flushing.

At the beginning of November, the Department of Buildings (DOB) responded to several 311 complaints from its neighbors. Upon inspection, the agency charged the owners of the building, listed as Sunree Solid Art LLC, with fines stemming from converting the building from its use as a single-family home to a boarding house. 

The inspection found that the shelter contained three rooms on the second floor that did not have the permits to be used for single room occupancy (SRO). In other words, the DOB found that the way that the residents were split up into separate rooms with locks on the doors functioned too closely to discrete apartments, in violation of the building’s status as a single family home.

The building was also charged with violations related to the installation of a second bathroom in the basement without a permit. 

The resulting fines on the shelter, which does not receive city subsidy and relies on volunteer staff, could range from $47,500 to $95,000 based on what happens in its hearing with
Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH), scheduled for Jan. 21.

On Nov. 25, the shelter followed up with the DOB to certify that the illegal SRO units had been removed from the property.


Anonymous said...

“If we don’t fix the larger problem of them being able to exist there without outsiders calling 311 on them,..."

According to Kim the neighbors complaining about 30 people residing in a three bedroom house are considered "outsiders" when they voice objections to this illegality.
Typical, his Korean brethren can never be at fault. And let's ignore the fact than some are here illegally.

JQ LLC said...

@Anon re:outsiders

I saw that too. These elected officials, in this case from the state, have an inherent contempt for their constituents who don't agree with them. It must stem from that deplorables theory Hillary brought up when she campaigned that did her and her political career in.

It's not progressive at all, and neither is piling a bunch of people in one house like this despite how charitable it is in contrast to how dystopian city shelters already are.

TommyR said...

Thirty people to a sfh neither helps them nor the community, it's just a scam run for profit by the owners. Build a shelter for AAs if you want to, run it like a community center would be by a temple or church or a proper nfp. The city's remaining SFH's are too precious and valuable to actual FAMILIES that could be living in them for that kind of housing stock to be wasted this way. Function does not follow form.

Joe said...

That's nothing compared to what is now going on in Great Neck and Manhasset with these Chinese.

The Chinese pool money sent from overseas to purchase and place 15-20 kids in a house so the "house mother" can register them in the Manhasset & Great Neck school systems.
If the house isn't big enough they knock it down and put up a box
No verifications or checks under the now Democrat run township, all 5 hamlets are going to shit with demolition fences and pre-fab double house specials that all look the same shit in Queens.

Schools busting at the seams with $8000 school tax alone (up from $2800) Mountains of garbage bags outside and backup cesspools.
I put the house up for sale, I close in 2 weeks may as well live in Ridgewood If I gotta look at crap ley alone pay near $25K taxes to live in it.

Many of these people in Queens have it easy, thing about paying $25,000 property, school, township, county, police & fire tax's to look at the same shit. These new colonists walking Tiny white dogs to shit & pissing on your property and Asian spitting Olympics at the train station included.
Despite all the bullshit homeowners in Queens and the BX have it easy.

The grass is no longer greener on Long Island!

Anonymous said...

"The grass is no longer greener on Long Island!"
We'll said. I moved to Flushing in the early 90's and watched Murry Hill turn for the worse.
Bayside was next and now out east into Manhasset.
Is diversity really a strength? Look what happen to Rome !

Anonymous said...

This is why I agree with Trumps new plan to stop allowing poor people to come into this country. Sorry but when you have over 300 million people living here and 140000 homeless people living just between nyc and LA and san Francisco alone, then you know that you have a terrible problem. If regular citizens are having trouble finding housing and we cant help our mentally ill people then why should we keep allowing more poor people to come here? We need to start worrying about ourselves other than worrying about the rest of the worlds problem people. We are one of the richest countries in the world and alot of our own people are suffering but yet most of the politicians turn their heads away from the real problems.

Anonymous said...


That's because my dear Joe they ran out of room in Falasheng. Used to be 39,575 people/sq mile, but that was long time ago. Before the skyscrapers went up. The democRATs need votes. They'll find out soon their Asian friends soon will have one of their own in office. Remember the comptroller of NYC? Good for them!

Anonymous said...

Who can forget these gems:

So what happened to Tony Avella?

"On September 13, 2018, Avella was defeated in the State Senate Democratic primary by former New York City Comptroller John Liu. Avella continued his campaign on third-party lines and was again defeated by Liu in the general election"

Any more questions?

Anonymous said...

"So what happened to Tony Avella?"
He's collecting his two big fat pensions with health benifits !

Anonymous said...

Wow, what was once a nice neighborhood that has fallen victim to the policies of the Democrats. You can still see the nice furniture left behind by the previous owners, likely who died and left everything behind - and whose children wanted nothing to do with the spreading slum of Flushing. No doubt left the scene with cash in hand.

This my friends, is the real image of Queens, and if the Democrats have their way, the image of our country's future.

Anonymous said...

"So I think that’s the larger problem that we need to figure out how to resolve,” said Kim.

How about deporting them if they are illegal?

Ever try to get your elected to meet with you? Even get them on the phone?

Look at this, YOUR tax dollars at work.

Yet another example of how the Party is consuming the State.

Anonymous said...

He's collecting his two big fat pensions with health benifits !

And the guy who should be in jail took his place. Congratulations for being the dumbest rock in the desert.

Anonymous said...

"So I think that’s the larger problem that we need to figure out how to resolve,” said Kim.

Not much to resolve, just use and apply the existing laws. Is a very simple concept Kimdude.

Anonymous said...

Tony Avella should run for mayor, on the Republican line.

I, for one, wouldn't mind having homeless illegal Koreans housed in my neighborhood. The probability of them committing crimes is very low. I would trade them for homeless African Americans any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Tony Avella should run for mayor, on the Republican line. 

I, for one, wouldn't mind having homeless illegal Koreans housed in my neighborhood. The probability of them committing crimes is very low. I would trade them for homeless African Americans any day of the week.

Sorry but I think that if you're ILLEGAL, you should be deported. The african Americans who ARE homeless, need alot of mental help and the keyword there is "american". They need mental help or need to be locked away in a mental health facility and not let out until fully functioning. But we dont do those kinds of things anymore because the state throws money away on illegals welfare instead. So the state has no way to pay for actual citizens. Our health care funding has grown out of control because we give out too much Medicaid and welfare to more people than what was paid into. Even the monsey stabber was in the military and had mental issues but nobody ever helped him. He should be locked away and dealt with instead we pay to make sure illegals get welfare and Medicaid. Our priorities are all wrong.

Anonymous said...

Please go to Ditmars Blvd and 28th Street in Astoria. You will find many many illegal conversions and illegal boarding houses. These places are firetraps.

we're supposed to feel sorry for thirty plus people living in a house meant for maybe at the most 8 people? That's a fire trap. Not to mention the overload on the electricity, sewage and garbage.

Anonymous said...

There was so many people packed in that the rats moved out to get privacy

Anonymous said...

The problem with the Tony Avella comment, is that Avella never accomplished anything during his tenure as a NYC Councilman or NY State Rep. I know, because I was living in his district at the time. Even campaigned for him in his successful first run for the State job. What a disappointment. We thought he would do better than Padavan, and he was worse. He could not straighten out the traffic situation in Whitestone and didn't even care. Development was out of control, and still is. That's why I left. Tony Avella! He'd be no better than the turd you now have.

Anonymous said...

"Avella never accomplished anything during his tenure"
Yes he did , Lots of pictures for the press and had tea parties with the old farts at the Bowne Park Civic Association. Big bag a wind on fixing NextGen too. Jets now fly low and steady over North Flushing from 6am till Midnight.

Anonymous said...

@He'd be no better than the turd you now have.

Ok, so publish your name instead of being a coward. You make up shit about Avella, I lived in his district as well and he did a lot more than all the rest together.

You make it seem like is all Avella's doing or not doing, when you have this massively corrupt system that actually got rid of him in favor of a corrupt piece of shit that should be in jail. No, he had the staffers take the blame and fall for him. One young lady went away to 10 months for the guy "who was never accused of any wrongdoing".

Comparing Mr. Avella to this corrupt piece of shit who has ties to the Chicom really says a lot about you and your agenda.

Anonymous said...

"Lots of pictures for the press and had tea parties with the old farts at the Bowne Park Civic Association"

You must be confused. Tony has white hair, the one that you must have seen is bold. Vallone something is his name.

Anonymous said...

@you must be confused

Yeah, that's right!

Paul Vallone Holds Public Forum at Bowne Park to Discuss Bocce Court Plaza Upgrades

Look Paul and Melinda Katz!!!