Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Interim Queens BP Sharon Lee recruiting community board members


 Acting Queens Borough President Sharon Lee is accepting applications from qualified and civic-minded individuals interested in serving on one of the borough’s 14 community boards, which play an important advisory role in considering land use and zoning matters in their respective districts.

The deadline for prospective and current community board members to submit completed, signed and notarized applications to the Borough President’s office is Friday, Jan. 31. For the upcoming round of appointments, the two-year term of service will begin on Monday, April 1.

“Civic engagement is a hallmark of our borough and city governance is only strengthened by the residents across Queens who make their voices heard and represent their neighborhoods and communities,” Lee said. “Government is more effective and accountable when it works in close partnership with active, dedicated residents and relies on them for their insights and broad expertise.”

The community boards each hold monthly full membership meetings that are open to the public. They also hold hearings and recommendations regarding the city budget, municipal service delivery and numerous other matters that impact their communities. All Queens community board members are appointed by the borough president, pursuant to the City Charter, with half of the appointments nominated by the City Council members representing their Community Districts.

Each board has up to 50 unsalaried members. All community board members who wish to continue serving are required to re-apply at the conclusion of their two year term and are subject to review and reconsideration.

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz announced on Nov. 13 the appointment of Sharon Lee as deputy borough president, effective Nov. 17. Lee, the former senior advisor and press secretary for John Liu when he was the city comptroller and a key figure in his failed 2013 mayoral campaign, will replace Melva Miller and become the first Asian deputy borough president in New York.

“Sharon has been a trusted member of my senior leadership team for years and I could not think of a more prepared or knowledgeable person to serve as deputy borough president,” Katz said. “Her vast experience in New York City government, her deep relationships across the full spectrum of Queens communities and her passion for inclusion, equal opportunity, fairness and justice will prove invaluable for the future and direction of our great borough.”


Anonymous said...

On the Link- Voices of New York "Lets get to know our two month BP" I'm put in the other section with the rest of the "Whites" and "Middle Easterns" ! Latino, Black, Asian all have their race on the top banner but Whites and Middle Easterns are hidden under "Other" ? WTF ?
Latino ? What happen to Hispanic ? More Race class B.S. right in your face !

Anonymous said...

She's hot!

ron s said...

If I'm looking for ethical qualified staff, my first source would certainly be Liu's staff.

Anonymous said...

Soooo Liu's puppet is picking the community boards for the entire borough?
Welcome to Liu's NY.

Anonymous said...

Appointed, not elected, that's how it works with the Queens Machine

Anonymous said...

Interesting how there are under the table comments from people on the spreading Asian population in the city - from Roosevelt Island, to LIC and Queens Blvd.

If current trends continue would not be surprised that NYC - certainly Queens - would become an Asian enclave within a few generations.

Anonymous said...


is the message on "Lets get to know our two month BP"

Anonymous said...

Only the best and brightest:

Sharon Lee, Liu's former press secretary, admitted hitting up family members and friends for illicit contributions and offering to reimburse them.


Anonymous said...

The destruction of the Queens Democratic Party machine is very near. Katz only won by 55 votes.

Voting for anyone but Donovan Richards will bring us one step closer.

Anonymous said...

Queens - would become an Asian enclave

Already has become. That's not the issue.
The blatant in your face corruption is the problem.

Anonymous said...

The vile anti-Semite Linda Sarsour is friends with this Sharon Lee on Facebook and "liked" her post announcing her appointment. Says it all. How progressive! Vibrant!

Anonymous said...

Under 18 20.1% , Over 65 15.7%
White 47.9%, Black 20.7%, Asian 26.8%, Hispanic 28.1%
50.1% of Queens is religious: 32.4% Catholic, 4.0% Judaism, 3.7% Islam
Housing units 865,878
Owner-occupied 44.6%, Median value $504,900
Non-English at home 55.8% Households with broadband 81.9%
High school graduate 81.5%, Bachelor's degree 31.5%

Anonymous said...

Simple solution to all problems:
vote Republican.

This Democrat party we are dealing with now is not the JFK party
or even the Clinton or Obama party.

Anonymous said...

Bachelor's degree 31.5% ???

How many plumbers?

Anonymous said...

JFK party - cool guy, that's why they gunned him down.

Clinton or Obama party - Got to be kidding buddy.

Anonymous said...

Republican like Trump or Pence? no thank you.

TommyR said...

When Liu was the city comptroller, Lee was an indispensable member of the team that exposed the fraud in the construction of CityTime, the city’s electronic payroll system, and helped the city get a record-breaking $5 billion in restitution. She was also involved in the drafting and implementing of some major projects of the Comptroller’s Office, such as the 2012 pension reform proposal, the $1 billion capital acceleration plan and the “Retirement Security NYC” initiative.

Can't knock that. If it bothers some of the Crapster's readership that's she """Asian""", then they should feel free to go out and have more [insert their preferred ethnicity here] babies AND raise them in the City. If they can't do that, they shouldn't whine so much.

More importantly, try getting on one of these CBs if it's important to you.

JQ LLC said...

Thats why I wrote recruiting on the post headline. I thought maybe some viewers here would go and apply.

Anonymous said...

@"Blogger TommyR said...
"They shouldn't whine so much."
The pot calling the kettle black ...

Anonymous said...

My dream wife!

Anonymous said...

Carpetbagger. California Valley girl whom has no place in big city politics.