Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Senate Majority Leader gives Gianaris ability to quash Amazon corporate welfare deal as de Blasio starts job training program designed for it



Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins recommended state Senator Michael Gianaris as a member of the state Public Authorities Control Board, which could potentially veto the Amazon project.
Gianaris, the deputy majority leader of the Senate, has been a leading opponent of the Amazon deal due to the incentive package worth nearly $3 billion in taxpayer funds.
“New York needs responsible fiscal stewardship now more than ever and ensuring our economic development dollars are well spent is a responsibility I take very seriously,” Gianaris said Monday. 

“I appreciate Leader Stewart-Cousin’s faith in me and am honored she submitted my name to serve on the PACB.”

We shall see.



As it gears up for the full arrival of Amazon’s HQ2 campus in Long Island City is the coming years, the de Blasio administration announced Jan. 28 it is offering up to $300,000 in micro-grants to qualified organizations that specialize in workforce development.

The grants will support research and planning into innovative approaches the city could take to promote training and hiring of underrepresented New Yorkers in tech and other in-demand sectors.

“Preparing New Yorkers for the jobs of tomorrow and making sure those jobs are accessible to residents from all backgrounds with different skill sets is critical to leveling the economic playing field,” the New York City Economic Development Corporation President and CEO James Patchett said. “We are excited to partner with the Office of Workforce Development to catalyze innovative workforce training programs that will help ensure New Yorkers are ahead of the game as the city’s tech sector booms.”

 Through a request for expressions of interest, known as an RFEI, the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development and the NYCEDC will work with community-based organizations with funds to develop effective, innovative programmatic concepts the city and its partners can use to help ensure local talent is prepared to access new hiring tech opportunities.


Anonymous said...

Like Rage Against the Machine once said "Living In A land Of Hypocrisy". We can't believe in politicians anymore. That's why so many people voted for Trump !!

Anonymous said...

It's Gainaris

Anonymous said...

Please sign up Gianaris for the job training.

Anonymous said...

Gianaris is one of the many politicians who signed the letter begging Amazon to come here. How could he not now that Amazon would ask for the world in order to set up shop here

Anonymous said...

He's upset millenials don't eat gyro

Anonymous said...

The official Albany errand boy for 'the Boys' of western Queens who want to put their mark on the gravy train and are miffed they have been left out in the Cold, but then, again, since that group has been excluded by polite company their entire lives they are pretty much insulated that the world world doesn't buy their ideas of 'community building.'

Just leaf through the pages of the aging Queens weeklies to get our drift.

BTW, cannot think of a single thing this guy did.

"Ah huh. Ah huh. Just the way you like it!"

Anonymous said...

Gyro was the original reconstituted mystery meat. I guess Whole Foods doesn't believe in carrying it. Grilling a vertical spit of stacked meat slices and cutting it off as it cooks was developed by Haci Iskender and Hamdi Usta in 1832, called cag doner kebap, shawarma, or tacopastor, introduced by Nea Ionia Decembrists in Athens to dispose of Eleni Papadaki. Most American "Greek" Gyro is separated by a blender (to keep from destroying the sinews the way meat grinders cross cut) then the meat is filtered under steam pressure to remove debris dangerous to your dental work. It is rumored many gyro are actually reconstituted donkey hides. Insect and reptile protein is ideal for lent and doesn't produce as much global warming flatulence as mammal meat, so now gyros will be made from insects in order to appeal to Whole Foods and Jeff Bezos.