Monday, February 11, 2019

Recent de Blasio appointee to monitor city census finds time to go electioneering

NY Post

Mayor de Blasio’s new census czar may be counting votes for her next election campaign, rather than Big Apple residents, stunned Democratic Party officials said.

Newly minted 2020 Census honcho Julie Menin is supposed to be finding ways to improve the city’s abysmal 60 percent participation rate in the every-10-year census by getting undocumented immigrants to participate.

But at the same time, she’s courting tony East Side 
political clubs to help solidify a future run for Manhattan district attorney, according to three borough district leaders.

“She’s doing this to build up her political relationships. Everyone assumes she took the job to brush up her political chops,” said one observer, who requested anonymity and said it’s an open secret that Menin plans to run for Manhattan DA in 2021.

 “The city does have major underrepresentation problems with the census count in lower-income and immigrant neighborhoods. But the East Side of Manhattan doesn’t fall into either category.”


Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is thisl ady??

Anonymous said...

I love politicians

Anonymous said...

So once again DeBlasio's actions only benefit himself and his cronies and a few rich neighborhoods, at the expense of everyone else.

Why hasn't he been run out of town yet?

Ned said...

""Why hasn't he been run out of town yet""

Well--Because all the freeloaders and illegal immigrants want the free stuff & services.
Say you will provide for and take care of them and your in.
This is exactly how Boss Tweed and Alexia Cortez got the votes.
The schools today teach (brainwash)future voters into socialism & open borders claiming it is needed for America to survive. Now add the fact you have all these new young democrat pro-socialists coming into the voting base. The outlook is even WORSE for 2020

Somebody like Cortez or Michelle Obama will likely be the next president with both a Democrat House & Senate.
Deep shit is coming to this once great country

JQ LLC said...

He's trying to ditch town anon with his hysterical presidential run.

Watch what happens after the public advocate election. If someone he likes wins, presumably Melissa Viverto or Nomiki Konst even though he hasn't endorsed anyone of the 20 candidates, he will feel embolden to vacate the position for one of them to take over.

JQ LLC said...


Saint Michelle will never run for president. She's looking to be the next Oprah.

That felt good saying that. I haven't criticized her since I got banned from EV Grieve mentioning what a phony she is.