Thursday, February 14, 2019

DHS gives another $241,000,000 to slumlord non-profit group despite the poor ratings they gave them for their homeless shelter

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 NY Post

A Queens homeless-shelter operation was found to have multiple unsafe conditions that could endanger small children — but the nonprofit that runs the dingy facility was still given hundreds of millions of dollars in public money, documents obtained by The Post show.

The city found that three-quarters of the inspected hotel rooms at an emergency shelter run by Childrens Community Services had problems, including broken cribs, tots sleeping in “unsafe” areas and no kid-proof covers for electrical outlets.

The Department of Homeless Services slapped CCS with a “poor” rating for its mismanagement of the operation — the second-lowest available.

The blistering review was the third such one that shelters run by the nonprofit have received, according to records obtained under the Freedom of Information Law. But the failed inspections haven’t stopped DHS from handing CCS more cash.

DHS quietly filed paperwork with the city Comptroller’s Office in January to add another $241 million to CCS’s hotel-shelter contract, which was already worth $359 million — bringing the total amount to $600 million.


Anonymous said...

$241 mil for about 4500 hotel-living homeless as per the proportion CCS is cited to have in the article. That's about $55,000 year per person CCS serves. Not per family unit, PER PERSON. Don't get caught up in the partisan B.S. on this topic. Even if you have a bleeding heart and want to help, the extent of the waste and graft is staggering. For the amount spent, by just giving the homeless the raw cash, we could pay for an entire middle class lifestyle in the greater NYC area for 2-3X as many homeless as we actually serve through these scam operators. (Obviously we don't have the physical housing stock within the city limits).

Anonymous said...

Nice work if you can get it.