Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Councilman Holden's road safety bills focuses on gravel and cement spill damage

Bills introduced for  roadway safety 1

Queens Chronicle

Councilman Bob Holden (D-Middle Village) has been bothered for years by gravel and mounds of concrete spilled on roadways as well as speeding tow trucks.

Now he’s got a series of bills to do something about it.

Int. 1354 would require cement-mixing trucks to install certain spillage prevention equipment to avoid materials falling into the roadways. Holden says without the spillage bags, materials like cement and gravel can fall out of trucks and make for dangerous mounds and hazardous conditions.

“When driving around the city, it is common to find mounds of cement or piles of gravel and sand that can be hazardous to drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians alike,” Holden said in a statement. 

“Before these mounds cause any more accidents, damage to tires, fenders or other parts of a car or bike, or a trip-and-fall incident, requiring spillage bags on all trucks is a simple and easy solution.”

This has been a constant sight for years, especially in Queens. Something like this should have been implemented when the Blaz rolled out his "Vision Zero" program at the start.


Gary W said...

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Anonymous said...

Currently, the cement trucks wash their trucks out right onto the street with spillage running to combined sewer overflow catchbasins.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. There are so many mounds of concrete and loose gravel dropped all over the roads lately.

A few weeks ago some idiot dropped cement all over the center lane of northbound van wyck after the LIE. Now if you drive in that lane its like driving over mini speed bumps. Its ridiculous.

TommyR said...

Hate driving over these, they're all over by the new work along the Kościuszko.

JQ LLC said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Mayor will support this because it effects bike riders the most.

Anonymous said...

I've seen contractors clean out their cement and dump it in the storm drains

Anonymous said...

A few years back I came out to my parked car on woodhaven blvd just in time to see a cement truck coming in the right lane next to parked cars with its chute angled out and literally pouring cement on the parking and bike lane. Stopped the driver before he could pour cement on mine and other cars. He said he had no idea he was doing that. Genius! These clowns should be fined and fired. I’ve also seen a driver dumping his leftover cement down a storm sewer. Also if you drive through wet cement and it gets on your paint it will ruin the paint if you don’t wash it off quickly.

Anonymous said...

JQ LLC thanks so much for Helping Crappy !

Anonymous said...

Concrete trucks are routinely overfilled. Need to be weighed by DOT and Highway Patrol.

Anonymous said...

>Crappy still moderates the blog and posts the comments.

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JQ LLC said...

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