Thursday, February 7, 2019

President Trump's first luxury hotel will be demolished for new tower

 New Meetings Offer From Grand Hyatt New York ...

NY Post

Midtown’s Grand Hyatt Hotel is getting torn down.

The glass-sheathed tower — Donald Trump’s first major Manhattan project — is being bought out by developers who plan to raze it and replace it with a 2-million-square-foot, mixed-use space.

Manhattan developer TF Cornerstone and computer billionaire Michael Dell’s MSD Partners are in contract to buy the 100-year-old hotel and take over its ground lease, which expires in 2077, from Hyatt, they announced on Thursday.

In its place, they’re planning a new skyscraping project that would include offices and a scaled-down Hyatt hotel.

The land under the Hyatt, which includes numerous underground concourses that connect to Grand Central Terminal, was owned by the New York State’s Urban Development Corp. — until it was sold to the MTA in December 2017 for $13 million. Changing ownership of that lease would require city consent.

Building the new project would also require state approval.

This was the bad orange man's project genesis. A fitting and more productive use of this re-development would be a tower jail or homeless shelter.


Anonymous said...

So how is this Queens related?

just another reach for the blog to slander the president huh?

JQ LLC said...

It's Queens related because that's where he's from, and this is the building that begat his empire and celebrity. I thought it was worth mentioning because even Trump's legacy in NYC is not safe from hyperdevelopment.

How is this slander by the way? This was his building. Where's the reach? It's a post of a story. And he is called the bad orange man. At least by his supporters when they criticize liberals on social media. I just did a humorous re-appropriation of it.

I have called de blasio and cuomo and every other fauxgressive elected in NY a lot worse names than our president. Even in recent posts. Trump is no sacred cow.

Apologies anon for any impression of bias. I hope tomorrows post on another Queens fauxgressive makes up for it.

Cav said...

JQ, ya sure pwned those magapedes by repeating the orange man bad meme that I introduced you to. Somewhere Pepe the frog is crying. Your welcome!

Oh, and incidently as the left has co-opted the term liberal progressive and now wears it like a skin suit, de Blasio is in fact a a bona fide progressive liberal. The Caretaker tells no lies.
Read it and weep:

The party leaders, electeds and bureaucratic apparatchiks view themselves as the high priests and warlords of this holy progressive crusade. In following the managerial state model, they become socially and culturally isolated from the people over whom they govern so whatever programs or plans they implement, it is for the benefit of themselves or their chosen vassals, not us. If the city's programs go against you in some way, understand that this is either a feature of the program and not a bug or it's callous indifference to the unintended consequences because "the cause" is more important than any mere pleb and his problems. This is why I say Mayor de Blasio is in fact a true man of the left as he fits this pattern. To all those who whine how he is not "muh real progressive", remember what I've just written about the cause being more important than individual plebs and their problems.

Donald Cavaioli

Cav said...

georgetheatheist said...

Excelsior JQ LLC !!!

Anonymous said...

YOU may think he's bad. Others disagree.

Liman said...

Glad you said that, Crappy. Was worried that someone replaced you during your absence. Anyway, look up the history here... that building was the venerable Commodore Hotel, a grand railroad station hotel from the great days of railroading. By the 70's Grand Central was just a commuter hub and the Commodore was shabby. I was working in the neighborhood at the time. Trump reduced the building to its girders and hung a modern but same-sized building on the frame. I'm sure the new building will be enormous.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the Commodore Hotel clock from that site?

The Real Anonymous said...

Oh Drat. Can't they put in microwave ovens, drugged out former convicted felons OTJ (on the job training) security guards and call it homeless sweet homeless shelter? The security guards are gonna have to work at the we'for office.

Aren't there any baby mama (translation - mothers) left with five children who are in need of accommodations? They all have different baby daddy (translation-fathers) who will show up in a week and let you know who's in charge. They may gather up to the early hours out side, blasting music, dealing drugs, peeing where they stand, doing graffiti and hey they just selling loose cigarettes, loosies for two dollah each but you mind your own business. Go back to sleep. Only squares wanna get up at 5am for work. You're the dopes paying for our homeless sweet homeless shelter hotels.

Anonymous said...

Me love Trump. 2020 hoo rah.

Trump gives us hope.

JQ LLC said...


Obliged, but my intention wasn't to pawn, it was mostly for comedy. But not in a pandering way like those disappointing talk show hacks in that video. (I like to call Colbert's show, The Late Stephen Colbert Show and John Oliver has become a huge disappointment)

You got a good blog, I don't agree with your theories (although I think you show that de Blasio, Cuomo and others are just vile opportunists who when elected become actual bugs, like the President exploiting his base and conservative and christian values) but your blog is a better source than grammarly to increase one's word power.


georgetheatheist said...

Excelsior Cav !!!

Anonymous said...

Queens will end up processing the rubble when this is torn down; dump trucks with uncovered loads will clog Queens' streets. And it's an opportunity to learn: all those recently built hotels will eventually go... somewhere. The idea that building design should also consider end-of-life is a good one. What do you do with big-box stores once Amazon takes of the world? or homeless shelters and hotels?