Saturday, February 2, 2019

Futuristic cartoon high rise luxury tower development gets approval from D.O.B. and City Planning.

Rafael Viñoly has become one of the more prominent designers of Manhattan’s residential real estate in recent years, and today, YIMBY has the first rendering for the architect’s latest skyscraper, at 249 East 62nd Street on the Upper East Side. While the tower will technically comprise only 32 floors, it will stand 510 feet to its rooftop, taking advantage of a Jetsons-esque podium to boost its upper levels high into the neighborhood skyline.

The Schedule A for the project reveals the exact configuration, and shows that retail and a townhouse will occupy the base of the building. Those will be topped by apartments rising through to the 12th floor.

Above that, the 13th through 16th floors will all be mechanical, with the 15th floor holding the residential amenity spaces, including a bar/wine tasting area with private dining room and pantry, a media lounge, and a study.

Residential space will then continue, with three units per floor from floors 17 through 29, and then another three mechanical floors up on the very top. The 17th floor will start about 350 feet above street level.

 The configuration of 249 East 62nd Street begs the question of whether Viñoly’s design for the site could start a trend to rival the cantilever. The extended mid-section of the tower results in the displacement of a substantial amount of residential space to an elevation far above what one would normally expect for a 32-story building, and is likely to result in pricing that is far higher than what would otherwise be possible.

 As engineering continues to improve, it seems that the premiums people are willing to pay to live in neighborhoods like the Upper East Side could be a driver behind additional developments that mimic 249 East 62nd Street.

I think it looks more like an e-cigarette cartridge than someplace the Jetsons would live in but they definitely wouldn't be able to afford to.  Mr. Spacely or Cogswell would more likely be residents.


Sunnyside Al said...

I can’t believe the de Blasio administration would allow such a thing!

What about the residents who will have stories of apartments towering over them?

It awfully seems like the city is very friendly with the real estate developers rather than the “little guy.”

This cannot be true! The Democrats are for the working people and hate the rich

I will go back to blame President Trump and the 2 Republican councilpeople.

JQ LLC said...

Yes. I have been saying this since Bill Clinton let the Glass-Steagal Act die, 8 years of Barack Obama's neoliberal domestic policies, and of course Gov Amazon and de Faustio's reigns of corrupt and dubious leadership.

These guys are supposed to be on OUR side?

No wonder there are no standout Republicans out there. Because we already got them.

One question should be asked...

Why is the Trump administration so lenient with deBlasio? In regards to his illicit fundraising and pay to play and this slap on the wrist and back from HUD with NYHCA?

JQ LLC said...

ok, those were two questions.

TommyR said...

It's going to happen. The more it happens to be concentrated within Manhattan, the better.

Anonymous said...

They want to make sure it looks like Hong Kong: