Friday, February 22, 2019

City EDC official says the Amazon deal was flawed since "Day One"

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NY Post

The city’s top economic development official admitted Thursday that the Amazon deal was botched from the get-go.

“The rollout didn’t go as smoothly as it could have. I think we all regret that,” James Patchett, president of the Economic Development Corporation, said at a Crain’s Business forum in Midtown.

“There’s no question that the company was not prepared for what happened in New York City,” he said, but blamed the lack of preparedness on Amazon for failing to hire a “single New Yorker to work with them” or to connect with residents.

 During a question-and-answer segment, Patchett revealed that Amazon was most concerned about the high cost of living for its employees, but was also wary about the crumbling subway system.


Anonymous said...

Amazon knew about the high cost of living before. The subways are also not falling off the tracks. Amazon didn’t expect for socialist lunatics to attack them after they agreed to bring 25k jobs. After they were mistreated by the city Council and other politicians they decided to leave.

Anonymous said...

"Blame Amazon for failing to hire a “single New Yorker to work with them"

DAM STRAIGHT! Bezos and all these Californians he hired assumed New Yorkers in Queens and the NYC mayor were all too stupid to spot bullshit and figured it be a cakewalk.
This was a proud day and huge win for New Yorkers, question is for how long before some other Global SOB's parachutes in and pulls the same crap. When you catch one mouse you end up with smarter mice.

Anonymous said...

bottom line we lost 25 k jobs. because of the socialists!

JQ LLC said...

The subways are not falling off the tracks??? Well maybe not but a wooden beam fell off the elevated and speared a car windshield as it was moving.

Enough of the socialist scare mongering already. Bezos wants to operate his corporation like a communist state nation controlling all forms of commerce and logistics. He probably also wants to dominated web services too, though Google has that on lockdown here.

They had the polls in their favor, they got the initial deal they wanted and also the guarantee from Mario's son that he would use his gubernatorial powers to bypass any council interference.

Anonymous said...

This is the beginning of the end of NYC - the Democratic Party State has superseded the government and is totally out of control imposing their warped world view on everyone.

American citizens need not apply. Lets revel in pansexuals teaching kids their lifestyle. Let's celebrate multicultural day ad nausem.

Like any fascist state, it will suddenly fail - and big time.

Sooner than you think the money will stop. Hope to live to see that day of reckoning. Joe Crowley saw the handwriting on the wall.

Anonymous said...

I need to plan on losing five bucks (and three hours) every week in transit fares to bypass disrepair

Mama Mia said...

How terrible. People wanted to work... the bastards. Who do they think they are?

Anonymous said...

"Enough of the socialist scare mongering already."
What's the matter with talking about the dangers of a socialist and the role of the State JQ LLC said... ?
NYS is all Blue now where is the Utopia the Dems promissed ?

JQ LLC said...

Because there is no real danger anonymous. And the socialism that's actually happening is only for the oligarchs.

Anonymous said...

"No real danger anonymous"JQ LLC
Soviet-type economic systems of former Communist states will destroy us !

Rob In Manhattan said...

Amazon made NO actual commitment to hire ’25,000” in exchange for 3 billion dollars in tax credits.

The actual wording was “up to 25,000 over a period of 10 years”.

There was no specificity as whether this number would be all at-once employed –of some total that cycled through the facility over that period.

Given that company’s aggressive automation campaign it is doubtful they’d even achieve that total number.

I'm on trains (7 & N) out there every week. Even at night they are often SRO heading out from Manhattan.

Amazon essentially said “that’s your problem New York”.

Meanwhile we already have massive expansions going on by Facebook and Google along with hundreds of smaller tech companies and 55 million tourists/year.

Somehow I think we’ll survive.

Turn off the talk radio and Fox “news”. Do some real research if you care at all about this story.

RobNYC (Manhattan).

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of communities around the U.S.A. that would welcome Amazon, why would they have even thought about picking NYC?

JQ LLC said...

Last anon:

How come they didn't have a backup city? And why did Bezos decided to end the HQ2 project (well part of it)

Because the HQ2 was a hoax.

Anonymous said...

Sour Grapes