Wednesday, February 27, 2019

School cafeterias are failing health inspections,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/bymbuarliab27xu3jywh.jpg


Hundreds of city schools aren’t making the grade, flunking city health inspections, a NY1 investigation found.

The worst offenders?

I.S. 227 in Queens, one of the borough's most sought-after schools. Health Department Inspectors found 140 mouse droppings there, including in the students' dining area.

There was moldy watermelon at P.S. 277 in the Bronx, and at PS 42 in Queens, moldy green beans.
In all, inspectors last year found roaches crawling on 99 lunchroom floors, fruit flies in 80 cafeteria kitchens, and in 22 drains, flies where serving utensils are washed.

"It's not acceptable," said Richard Carranza, New York City's schools chancellor. Adding, "kids should never be served any kind of food that is not safe."

According to the records, in the first eight months of 2018, 934 schools had critical health code violations—the kind that would get any restaurant shut down.

That compares to 1256 violations in the 12 months of 2017 and 1456 violations in 2016


Anonymous said...

They have been failing for over 30 years, is this supposed to be a new story?

ron s said...

Despite our professed "love of our children", we treat them like crap. The unsanitary conditions described here are in line with the unhealthy food schools feed them and the unsafe tin-can buses they ride in.

Anonymous said...

Good cartoon-- they're probably actually good for you.

Anonymous said...

Bah. This is why God gave us immune systems! The little snowflakes will survive.

Anonymous said...

No Shit !! That beef that they serve is not hamburger meat or sloppy joes. The cafeteria menu needs to be seriously revamped with safe fresh food and not canned crap.

JQ LLC said...

Anon 1

It's a story. And it bears repeating and repeating.

Anon 2

As lunchlady Doris always says: "More testicles means more iron"

Anon 3

I don't think this is what George Carlin was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Food workers should have USA high school degrees in order to appreciate hygiene standards.

Anonymous said...

A Bologna sandwich with mustard on toasted white bread made by my mom was good enough for me !

TommyR said...

Kids in schools in Vietnam eat better than inner-city kids here do.

Anonymous said...

The numbers are dropping. Is that good or have they found the inspectors price?

Anonymous said...

whats next, chocolate microscopes?

Anonymous said...

Inspectors do love to put a price on the grade they give out to restaurants. Restaurants hand them out 5k like its nothing for multiple violations. I went to this restaurant it hasnt closed down and the restaurant always has a A grade even though roaches are common utensils and glass are greasy. I only go there for my friends that dont mind but the boss makes money enough to pay off as many sanitation workers as needed. Sanitation workers walk around happy go lucky collecting checks under the table torturing non english speaker workers and nobody knows.