Saturday, February 16, 2019

Joe Crowley hooks up with Republican to form lobby firm while being courted by video game industry

Bipartisanship is tough to come by inside Congress, but two formerly powerful House members are finding it on the outside.

Former congressmen Bill Shuster of Pennsylvania and Joe Crowley of New York, who have known each other for about 20 years, plan to work together in lobbying and government-relations.
  • Shuster, 58, who was chairman of the House Transportation Committee, retired.
  • Crowley, 56, once seen as a possible successor to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, lost his primary to now-Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
The former congressmen are open to joining a firm, or starting their own.

 The Intercept

Joe Crowley, the longtime New York congressperson who was unseated in a primary by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, remains extraordinarily popular among both Democrats and Republicans in the House, making him K Street’s biggest whale for 2019. Among the closest to landing him, according to sources familiar with Crowley’s post-congressional employment journey, is the video game industry’s lobby group, known as the Entertainment Software Association.
Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Ubisoft are only some of the members of the ESA. Politico first reported on Monday that Big Console is among the potential landing spots for Crowley. The former New York congressperson has also had early discussions with two other groups, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld and Hogan Lovells, according to the report.
A spokesperson for the ESA said that Big Console is “not commenting on the search process. 

However, we will make an announcement when the time is appropriate.” The video game industry’s top legislative concerns involve rules around data privacy — they collect an awful lot of data — as well as intellectual property, patent law, and net neutrality regulations.


Anonymous said...

Most interesting is that Shuster is also from a political dynasty

Anonymous said...

Now Crowley can live and work in Virginia. This idiot sellout who has a very low intelligence has been voted to be in control of the Queens Democratic Party. The same party that blocked Amazon from creating 25k jobs in Queens. The crappy politicians we have are a complete joke.

Anonymous said...

"The crappy politicians we have are a complete joke."

The reason that we have poor politicians is that we have a poor electorate - people that have a poor grasp on what is expected of them as citizens as most are from cultures where American traditions are not native. Even when you get to the 2 or 3 generations, the family is still basically Mediterranean hillbillies in many cases. Its why the Party places Immigrant interests over Citizen interests.

You see, the Democratic Party, not the American government, governs us. There are no checks or balances to stop it. Everything you get from them is not for your community, but for the benefit of the Party, which slowly dissolves the broader community and titular government to the point that these have become zombies eaten away by the Machine.

No one teaches Civics. The last thing you need is for the citizens to know their power and understand their responsibilities.

You are taught things that are important for the Party - how important illegals and people with sexual issues are for example - or a distorted view on history and culture.

To again drive home the point - all of these are from the perspective of things benefiting the Party, but not the community at large. In essence, it is not unlike the Communistic and Fascist regimes of the past century.

What is good for you is defined by the Party. The State is a mere appendage.

The fact that you have this fellow, and the rest of the gang, is proof positive.

Anonymous said...

In Re:Anonymous 3 & 2, We have a poorly informed electorate, a well informed voter is a politicians worst nightmare.

We stopped demanding they be accountable for their actions and their congressional votes.

We'd rather watch the Kardashians and Survivor.

We got what we deserve. A Left wing loon who represents the lunatic constituency of tthe upper east side and won by promising Free Stuff...

Anonymous said...

""blocked Amazon from creating 25k jobs""

Why do so many in Queens still believe this big fabricated lie.
Show me the agreements on paper, We had no guarantee of this.
Amazon was going bring select tech people from California, China and India.
I suppose some lucky locals could end up pushing brooms for minimum wage. Several IA building mechanics perhaps.

Anonymous said...

"Amazon was going bring select tech people from California, China and India."

Yea, that might be right as the Democratic Party would rather import non-citizens or people from cultures where American democratic ideals are unknown rather than American citizens saddled with college debt.

Besides, would someone want to report Amazon's payroll? There are tens of thousands of people making very good money off Amazon.

And just a few dozen developers in Queens that would lose money if Amazon came here. Their interests are placed ahead of the community interests by the hacks you put in office.

Anonymous said...

Guess he decided not to move back to his hometown, Woodside.
Instead he'll continue to be "Virginny Joe" and run the democrat machinery in Queens county even though he sleeps 240 miles away.
While his guitar gently weeps. Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

"We got what we deserve."

Stop that 'watcha gonna do?' right now.

THAT is the problem, not Amazon, not the developers and not the politicians.

Anonymous said...

"tens of thousands of people making very good money off Amazon"

Thats right about 3% of a global company as of January 2018 employs 306,800 people worldwide. Most the jobs are part time shipping related operations that pay less then working in McDonald's. The locals cant live on that in Queens unless they wish to live 4 to a room.
Even so, why would Amazon have a shipping operation in LIC where everything would have to cross 2 rivers TWO times along with 2X tolls?
A: They likely weren't going to have any shipping or whorehouse operation here to employ locals and why they turned stonefaced and refused to answer questions like this at the public meeting

This was a bunch of BS, they weren't telling the truth about really why they wanted this location. I believe this was all real estate related.
Queens isn't a pool of young rocket or computer scientists, Amazon had NOTHING for us but LIES! Residents living here for generations would have been crushed and driven away by a massive wave imported foreign tech brains with $$ to flash. Near every small home in the area would meet a demolition fence and replaced with a box.

-No more boxes, $6 coffee joints or towers thank you I had enough of this shit and I'm sure a good 99% of the population born and paying taxes here feel the same