Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Public Advocate candidate David Eisenbach aims at REBNY, de Blasio and City Council


Anonymous said...

He won't win

Anonymous said...

Great ad!! He is also against the idea of closing Rikers Island.

If you want to do more research about the candidates for Public Advocate:

Election is on Tuesday, February 26th. Do your research!!

JQ LLC said...

Thanks for that info.

I only featured him because he couldn't participate in the debate.

There is also someone running that dropped out of the race but remains on the ballot. This race and this position is a joke.

Anonymous said...

The most important thing about this election for Public Advocate is to get out and vote. DeBlasio won twice because the voter turnout was so low. Same thing with Ocasio-Ortez. I'm voting with the Common Sense Party - Eric Ulrich. He's against closing Rikers and there's no common sense in our NYC Government.

Anonymous said...

Hey he has my vote, wither him or Ben Yee